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Meghan McCain

‘The View’ Fans Want Meghan McCain Gone Now

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By Sharon Oliver

Meghan McCain continues to find herself in the middle of controversy and backlash as she tries to steer a ship that tends to lean left when she wants it to go right. Her political views are an important part of the conversations, but its her deliverance that stirs up ire in the show’s fans. People just don’t seem to care for rude behavior.

As a defense, McCain likes to remind the audience that she is a political analyst whose job is to give insight into the minds of Republicans.

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Overstepping Her Bounds

Joy Behar, Sherri Sheppard, Meghan McCain
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In honor of Black History Month (February), 'The View' is featuring pioneering African-American figures. On Tuesday, Joy Behar instructed Meghan McCain to read the teleprompter. McCain refused.

“There’s no time for that, we’re going to have to do it in the next segment,” McCain responded, looking at the audience.

Behar insisted and told the co-host to “read that.”

“We don’t have time. I’m not doing this in thirty seconds,” McCain replied.

“Are you the stage manager?” Behar asked jokingly. “Do it!”

“I am the captain now,” McCain quipped. “There’s no time right now….ok.”

Livid Fans Weren't Having It


After putting up a fight, McCain finally conceded and read the FYI on Zelda Wynn Valdes, the first black fashion designer to open up her own shop. But it was too late. The Twitters gates were opened.

“Meghan, how dare you refuse to read the Black History month segment?” a fan said. “That is over-the-top rude. I am fed up with your constant interruptions and rude behavior. Totally unacceptable.”

“She wasted the time she said she didn’t have to read it by refusing to read it. She’s kind of strange at times. I don’t know what her problem is,” a Twitter user added.

The Call For Her Dismissal

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“I think she felt it deserved more than the 30 seconds left before the break,” a fan defended McCain. “She said she wasn’t going to do it in 30 seconds.” The defense may, in fact, be a valid one. However, its up to Meghan McCain to make that clear. Still, others are simply fed up with her and want the co-host gone.

“The thing about Meghan McCain [is that] she is condescending and speaks over every person. Not good at her job. Needs to be fired,” another fan said.

Is There A Method To This Madness?

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Meghan McCain makes no secret of knowing how a majority of 'Viewer' fans feel about her. Nor does she show signs of easing up. As one person theorized:

“I think firing her is a horrible idea,” the Twitter user wrote. “This is what they want. She’s always talking about getting fired. She wants to play the victim and make it out to be that they couldn’t handle her conservative views. If she’s fired, it only gives her reason to complain.”

Things that make you go hmm.

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