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Robert Pattinson and Dior

Robert Pattinson's First Look As The New Batman

Gettyimages | Francois Durand
By Christian Avina

The one thing Batman fans have been waiting for since the announcement that Robert Pattinson would be the lucky actor to dawn the mask is to see him in the bat-suit. The moment is finally here! The director of the 2021s The Batman, Matt Reeves posted a camera test of the new bat-suit. Who knows if this new bat-suit will be here to stay, but one is for sure that Pattinson looks like he was born to be in the suit.

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The Camera Test

Robert Pattinson
Gettyimages | Kimberly White

Matt Reeves tweeted out a Vimeo link of a camera test for the new bat-suit. We see a blurred image lit with a dark red tone. The image begins to focus on Pattinson walking towards the camera. We see the new rigid chest piece with a metal bat symbol. The camera slowly pans up as we Pattinson's head tilted down as the music rises. Finally, we see the new Batman stand tall. Even though this was an awesome snippet of what's to come, I can't wait to see the entirety of the bat-suit in action.

Fan Reaction

Robert Pattinson with fans
Wikimedia |

The fan reaction was more than positive. Any positive reaction to this film is extremely encouraging for Pattinson considering he had his own bat-suit when he was a kid. Pattinson said in an interview with Variety, "When I was a kid, [a Batman costume] was the only outfit that I had, I’d had Batman in my mind for a while. It’s such an absurd thing to say. I sort of had an idea to do it, and I’d been prodding Matt. He didn’t accept any prods. I kept asking to meet him,” he added. As we know all that prodding paid off in the end as his chiseled jawline is the one that made it in the mask.

The Casting

Robert Pattinson at Comic Con
Wikimedia |

Even though things have seemed to have worked out, things were not so lovey-dovey with the fans when the unexpected casting of Pattinson was announced. It's safe to say that most comic book fans hadn't seen Pattinson in any films since his days as Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga but he doesn't mind the hate, "To be honest, [the fan reaction] was less vitriolic than I was expecting. It’s much more fun when you’re an underdog. There’s no expectation of you."

Robert Pattinson
Wikimedia |

Pattinson has a great point when he says there is no expectation, but comic book fans that are aware of his roles other than the Twilight films are expecting a different kind of Batman. Since his time in the mainstream spotlight, Pattinson took on the indie circuit and performed in more character-driven films as opposed to the more tentpole plot-centric movies. I'm excited to see what Pattinson and Reeves bring to the DCEU or if it's even going to be a part of that universe.

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