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Carrie Underwood’s Son Says Mom’s Job Is To ‘Wash The Laundry’

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By Jimmy Ha

Carrie Underwood is a multi-platinum-selling artist that has been one of the biggest names in country music. But in a recent post, she reminds her fans that she is still a mother first. And according to her 4-year-old son, Isaiah, her job is to ‘wash the laundry’.

The singer shared an adorable photo on her Instagram of an assignment made by her son Isaiah. The assignment was a Valentine’s Day-themed ‘fill in the blank’ worksheet that listed all of his mother’s best attributes.

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The 4-year-old jotted down some hilarious answers to with his adorable handwriting. Here are his funny/sweet answers from the assignment:

By: Isaiah Age: 4

Mom’s name is: “Carrie” I think my mom is: “70 years old” My mom likes to eat: “salad” My mom ’s eyes are “brown” and her hair is “blonde” My mom and I like to “watch TV” together’ My mom always says: “I love you” My mom’s job is: “wash the laundry” If I could buy my mom any gift I would buy her: “a cake” My mom is really at: “folding laundry” If my mom had time, she would like to “ride horses”

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So according to Isaiah, his mom Carrie is pretty much a 70-year-old, salad loving, and washer and folder of the laundry. But, he made sure to mention that his grammy award-winning mom always makes sure to let him know that he’s loved.

Underwood, who is actually 36, posted this adorable photo on Thursday. She included in the caption, "Soooo...apparently I'm 70 and I'm really good at doing the laundry," which brought in responses of laughter and hearts from Underwood’s fans. And a friend of Underwood, Miranda Lambert, shared her thoughts about the assignment commenting, “Bahahaha.”

Fellow peer, and country musician Brandi Carlile, also responded to the post commenting, “OMG! I love kids ❤️😂.”


Here’s another motherhood post the singer shared last month. Underwood uploaded a post which celebrated her second son Jacob’s first birthday and shared some heart-melting pictures of him diving into his birthday cake.

The caption wrote: "Happy birthday, Jacob! How are you already 1 year old? You are smiley, crazy, smart, soooo fast and into everything! And, apparently, you love cake! And, apparently, you love cake!"

She continued, "I can’t wait to see your personality continue to shine! I have a good feeling you’re going to keep us all on our toes for years to come!" she continued. "I thank God for you each and every day. You are truly our miracle baby!!! Mommy loves you!"

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After winning season 4 of American Idol in 2005, Underwood has sky rocketed to fame and success. She has a total of 7 Grammy awards, 14 Academy of Country Music Awards, 12 American Country Awards and 9 CMA awards to her jacket.

Underwood has also hosted the CMA Awards for over a decade and recently announced that she would be stepping down as the official host.

But, throughout all of her success, she continues to show that her kids will always be #1 in her eyes.

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