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"Game Of Thrones" Star Sophie Turner Is Pregnant

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By kenadijiba

The other day America's nonproblematic couple of the century announced that they are pregnant. Sophie Turner at 23 has been married to Disney Channel royalty Joe Jonas for a while, and is now with child. The "Game of Thrones" fans were obviously overjoyed that their beloved Sansa Stark is now all grown up, and coming into her own new lane. After landing huge roles in X Men, and other projects Sophie proves time and again why she deserves her status in Hollywood.

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Sansa Stark Is Going To Be A Mother


With "Game of Thrones" ending so abruptly people were left in a pit of disappointment. The fact that Kitt Harringtons "Jon Snow" was not crowned ruler of the seven kingdoms hurt everyone to their core. The screenwriters in most fans eyes deserved the harsh pushback for that "pitiful" ending to such an iconic show that was well before it's time. Obviously the actors were not to blame for the way the story was going, and hate towards them was almost nonexistent.

Her Relationship With Joe Jonas

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Now, let us breakdown the oh so simple relationship of these two lovely beings. Sophie Turner has always managed to have a career that lacks any drama. Her positive image is what keeps fans attached to her Instagram page, and wanting to know more about the ins and outs of her love story with Joe Jonas. On the other side of the road, Joe has faced controversy throughout his long reign in the music industry between his issues with brothers Nick and Kevin, and a highly publicized breakup with pop diva Taylor Swift.

Is She Going To Be Overwhelmed?

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With Sophie only being 23 and Joe being 30, it is a wonder how she will feel not being able to fully "go crazy" during her 20's. A lot of young mothers do regret getting pregnant while they were still riding that wave of being young. Will Sophie feel like she did not take advantage of precious time where she could have brushed up on her acting resume, and grown her career to newer heights. Could she be resentful towards her husband?

The Future Of Her Career

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Ultimately children are a gift and nobody ever says at least not in public that they wish they never had them. So, maybe the joy in her life from having her first child will leave her more focused than ever on creating a beautiful life for her, and her family. It is true that different things matter to different people. You can have a woman who puts career over everything and is perfectly okay with abandoning the idea of having kids, and then you could have the latter. So, it is all up to you at the end of it all.

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