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Who Let Blac Chyna Into The Oscars?

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman
By kenadijiba

As people were lying on their comfy couches and flipped between Netflix and the red carpet a united gasp went around the world when Blac Chyna popped up on the screen. If your a Millennial you probably found out this news through Twitter and were immediately blessed with on the spot memes about why Blac Chyna was even in attendance. It just did not make sense for someone who is known for drama related to reality t.v. and has no substantial history with the film industry, would be invited.

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Not Her Scene


When it comes to the levels of fame there are intricate differences between legends like Al Pacino, Denzel Washington, and Leo Dicaprio versus Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna. Both hold influence in varying arenas but they are not the same, and should not be looked upon as the same. Why The Academy decided to extend invites to C level celebrities is unclear. Could this had been a grab for attention and done on purpose to get the youth talking about "The Oscars".

New Plastic Surgery?

Unsplash | Olga Guryanova

Aside from the aftershock of trying to understand Blac Chyna coinciding with "The Oscars". Her new face alterations were reminiscent of when Lil Kim made a an appearance after being in the shadows for a while, and fans weren't sure that she was the same woman. Fans in the comments were profusely discussing her plastic surgery and how "out of hand" it seems to be getting. Going under the knife is nothing new to Chyna, but with her being generally young will this have a bad effect.

Oscar's Losing Prestigousness

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman

Now, is "The Oscars" on it's way out. Every year the rumor out on the streets is that nobody really cares for the show. The award itself doesn't even serve as a motivator for actors nowadays as much as it did even ten years ago. What matters to most up and coming artists is being able to express themselves creatively through whatever platform will have them. With streaming services taking over, movie studios are shaking in their boots over how the world is changing.

A Race Issue?

Wikimedia |

When Blac Chyna made the bold decision to respond to the criticism she claimed that race had a part to play in the "negativity" falling her way. This was quickly combatted because of the fact that Hollywood has black actresses that are respected and belonged there. Women like Lupita Nyong'o, and Issa Rae are examples of pillars in the acting community. So, Chyna might just have to accept the hard truth that these things are sometimes more to do with the caliber of the person than anything else.

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