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Who Is Leonardo Dicaprio's Girlfriend?

Gettyimages | Christopher Jue
By kenadijiba

When Leonardo Dicaprio who was once hailed as Hollywood's most eligible bachelor finally decided to claim, and choose this particular woman as his date people were a bit puzzled. For the longest time Leo would just ride solo, or bring his mother. The last time he had a woman by his side so proudly was when he was with at the time America's favorite supermodel, Gisele Bundchen. What has changed in these last few years to make this woman different from the rest?

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His Past With Gisele Bundchen

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Out of all the women Dicaprio has dated it has been said factually that Gisele was the one. She was the girl who could have possibly tamed the man of being so afraid of commitment. Apparently, everyone was on the wrong side of history because even she with her beauty and poise couldn't solve that overarching problem. What she could do was find someone who would fulfill all her needs and provide her with that family unit she desired so much.

Why He Dumps Women After 25

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Does Leo have deeper issues going on that don't scratch the surface. His mysterious nature is the exact thing that draws women in but does it end up being what leads them out the revolving door. If Leo does eventually get married people will lose their minds over trying to lay their hands on those overpriced wedding photos. With pregnancy traditionally following women all over the world will most likely faint with envy over this woman who had the honor of basically winning the genetic lottery.

Switching Out Each Model For A New Version

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The woman of the moment is signed IMG model Camila Morrone. Just barely hitting prime adulthood at 21 Camila is Leo's type. If your a model who is her early 20's and possibly Brazilian you could have a chance with Dicaprio if this relationship falls off the handles. Knowing Leo's history his ex-girlfriends really don't speak out on him, or try to defame his name. But, an NDA could be in place so we can't assume all is peaches and cream.

Is He Ever Getting Married?


With Dicaprio bringing Camila along to such a grand show, this could be significant. Could their relationship be turning a tide? Maybe he is getting ready to pop that scary question. Whether that would be a wise decision to marry a 21-year-old when your in your late 40's is up to the man himself. What we know about Hollywood couples is that even the best of them do not last, so he better make sure this is the gal for him.

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