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Cardi B and Hennessy Carolina are Sister Goals

Gettyimages | Taylor Hill
By Ben Robinson III

In this day and age celebrities are no longer in the business of trying to keep their fame and wealth to themselves. Especially in the era of social media where, literally, ANYTHING can make someone a star. However, it certainly does help when you're attached to a famous face to help bolster your profile. Luckily for Cardi B's sister Hennessy Carolina success isn't too far away as long as she keeps grinding as hard as her sister does. Which seems highly likely.

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Not one to shy away from the spotlight Hennessy has been making a name for herself for quite some time on social media. And it's not like there's a reason for people not to like her. According to Showbiz Cheatsheet Hennessy is just as vibrant and entertaining as her older sister. And she also has her hand in tons of ventures, including an interest in the world of fashion.

Last year, Hennessy partnered with Boohoo for the Boohoo x Hennessy Carolina collection.

The theme of the campaign was “No More Parties.” In the pics, Hennessy can be seen posing in empty party venues, wearing the looks from her line. The clothes Hennessy designed are party looks and feature a ton of bright colors and shine. They’re not dissimilar to what her sister, Cardi, would wear. However, if the Boohoo collection is any example, Hennessy definitely has her own style.

And speaking of Cardi, she absolutely adores her little sister as was exhibited during a touching episode of Love & Hip Hop a few years ago.

Fashion seems to be one area where both of the sisters excel, and Cardi was a super proud big sister when Hennessy took to the catwalk during Milan Fashion Week in 2018. Cardi expressed her excitement on Instagram immediately. Billboard reports;

""I could cry," she writes on Instagram. "I’m so proud of @hennessycarolina!! In Milan walking at the @philippplein show. Henessy is Soo swaggy, talented and pretty. She is my rock and i can’t believe she evolving in to this beautiful woman! In my eyes she still little Hennessy!"

And that's not all. Paper Magazine reports that Hennessy is also very proud of her older sister as well. And she will always ride hard for her.

We grew up protecting each other, so it's just natural. We only had each other, so that's all we know. When someone is coming at her, that's just the natural thing to do. But how do I handle it after? I'm just learning to let people have their opinion without taking it personal. If I pay attention to what they say I'm going to be mad — upset all day.

It seems like as long as they have each other there's no stopping how far their stars rise.

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