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Is Janet Jackson's Son The Next Michael?

Gettyimages | SCOTT FLYNN
By kenadijiba

Janet Jackson more recently has come out of the shadows and announced her upcoming "Black Diamond" tour. As she does random press junkets she can't help but gush about her son and his own musical gifts. On Fallon when she talked about her three-year-old son wanting to play the cello, and actually doing it people were shocked. Does the musical gene run in the Jackson family. With all the legacies surrounding them, as well as heartbreak it is of wonder if her child will follow in her brothers footsteps.

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Michael Jackson's Legacy


It is incredible that Janet Jackson actually was able to create a seperate persona apart from her brother Michael. The fact that she has such legendary status following her to this day shows that she is truly a talent to be reckoned with. As for now it seems as if there is nobody in the pop industry who comes remotely close to Michaels genius. His music videos, voice, and choreography was masterful and looks like will never be comparable to anyone else in this lifetime.

Janet's New Music?

Gettyimages | Gabriel Olsen

Another gem Janet dropped on Fallon where she seems to be the most comfortable of all the shows, is that she will be dropping some new music. There will also be a fresh rendition of "Rhythm Nation. How Janet has the time to complete so many dates this year is beyond anyone's comprehension. Her being in her 50's and still coming off as in her late 20's must be a symptom of happiness. People do question the element's of her personal life though, and what is her child's father's role.

Who Will Be The Breakout Star?

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Out of all the Jackson children naturally people would gravitate to the "King Of Pop's" own to spread his eternal message. But, none of them looks to be apart of the music industry. Maybe they are smart enough to be self aware that they will never be able to touch what their father did. Although this can be a hard realization, it saves many from a lifetime of confusion and wasted youth. But, this does not mean they cant continue his legacy in other ways.

Impossible Expectations

Gettyimages | Chris Walter

Michael's son Prince is now getting into charitable work, and has continued on with his education. His healthy state of mind is so infectious whenever watching any interview of him handling borderline depressing questions concerning his father. As for Paris she is making a name for herself in the modeling industry. With a similar facial structure to Madonna and a striking set of deep blue eyes, she looks to be doing just fine staying in her lane. But, everyone is still pretty young so the possibilities are still up in the air.

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