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Harrison Ford

Star Wars Star, Harrison Ford, Calls Donald Trump a 'Son of a B--' Jokingly

Gettyimages | Alberto E. Rodriguez
By Alan Blake

On Monday, Harrison Ford appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he was promoting his upcoming film, ‘The Call of the Wild’. The Indiana Jones star went ahead on the show to mock President Donald Trump calling him a son of a b----.

During the show which happened on Monday night, the actor was presented with a mock poster for his film, The Call of the Wild, which was full of Donald Trump’s fake reviews rather than comments from his critics.

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Kimmel References President Trump’s Call on his Show

Jimmy Kimmel
Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy

Kimmel had cleverly prepared the fake reviews, even referencing the president’s recent conversation with Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, a call that sparked an inquiry for the impeachment of President Trump.

The reviews termed the call as ideal, with one of them saying that President Trump had called it a perfect call because it is what it was. The audience may have been aware of Kimmel’s trick as they applauded and laughed as Kimmel continued to say how reviews were still pouring.

Ford Jokingly Responds to ‘President Trump’s Reviews’


Ford was probably not falling for Kimmel’s tricks as he came out to respond jokingly. He laughed off about the reviews being the first things the son of a b**** had to say about him ever. The actor, however, is probably not a fan of the president. He is a critic of Trump’s regressive environmental policies.

According to the actor, 77, Trump is on the wrong side of history. He recently survived impeachment in the Republican Senate-Majority, after the infamous call with the Ukrainian President.

America has Lost its Credibility - Ford

Harrison Ford
Wikimedia |

Last week, the life-long democrat, as he regards himself, was in Mexico City where he was again promoting the same film, Call of the Wild. Speaking to reporters, Ford claimed that America needed to invite people into the country, rather than keeping them away.

According to him, the history of the U.S. holds that the country is dependent on immigrants. The state is tenuous over the lack of moral leadership and has lost credibility, which Americans are anxious to restore.

Harrison Ford Talks about Science

Harrison Ford
Gettyimages | Ian Gavan

The actor’s ideologies seem to differ significantly with President Trump’s. He refers to the current administration as one that ridicules science in ideological campgrounds. Science has been ignored, and people no longer rely on scientific evidence.

During the show, Kimmel went ahead to ask him if he was good at science while in school, where Ford claimed he was only good at dissecting the small dead animals. He had been scoring good marks until the fifth grade when things took a different turn. According to him, he was not a great student.

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