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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Was 'Born This Way' In New Makeup-Free Selfie With Pink Hair

Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris
By Robin Burks

Lady Gaga is the queen of reinventing herself, and it seems like she changes up her look on a daily, maybe even hourly, basis. However, fans might argue that she's even more glamorous when she's just being her self, especially in some of the selfies that she posts to Instagram. Recently, she posted a stunning selfie where she is wearing an all-natural face with nothing but lip gloss while rocking pink hair that resembles cotton candy. She simply captioned the photo "Sushi," along with a few emojis for emphasis.

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On top of the world

Lady Gaga
Gettyimages | Kevin Tachman/MG19

The extremely Lady Gaga is a master of living her best life. She recently let fans in on a little secret: she's currently in a relationship with investor Michael Polansky. She seems happier than ever, but word has it that the couple are just having fun right now and that Gaga isn't serious. A source told US Weekly:

“She’s having fun and likes the attention, but he is not the only guy she’s interested in. Despite sharing a pic of them on Instagram together, she hasn’t been making a big deal about Michael to her friends.”

How the two met

Lady Gaga
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

It seems that Gaga met her new boyfriend through friends. Just before the official announcement about their relationship, the two were spotted kissing on a balcony in Miami before her AT&T TV Super Saturday Night concert. Then photos showed them together at the Hard Rock Stadium after the Super Bowl. Even before that, Gaga was spotted with a mystery man (later revealed to be Polansky) in several rounds of PDA. The two are definitely having a lot of fun together.

Gaga's 2020 so far

Lady Gaga
Gettyimages | Christopher Polk/NBC

After a hectic 2019, Gaga seems to be taking 2020 more in stride. Although she hasn't done any major interviews this year, so far, her most recent was in November 2019 with Elle. In that interview, she spoke about her amazing relationship with her fans and how they help her heal:

"Looking out into the audience and seeing so many people who were like me, people who felt different, who didn’t feel seen or understood. And then also seeing a lot of kids who felt afraid to be open about who they were, it became sort of an existential experience for me, where I thought about what it means to be an individual—I wanted to fight for those individuals. I actually said this the other day on social media. I said, 'I didn’t do this for fame, I did it for impact.' And that’s the truth. I recognized very early on that my impact was to help liberate people through kindness. I mean, I think it’s the most powerful thing in the world, particularly in the space of mental illness."

She continues to be honest with her fans

Giphy | Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

Gaga has proven time and again that her fans are an important part of her life and she continues to remain honest with them. In 2018, she opened up about her mental health during a speech at an AG-AFTRA Patron of the Artists Award Fundraiser. She described a time when she was dealing with a "debilitating mental illness" and encouraged others who were also suffering to seek help. Here's hoping that her message continues to reach fans who might need to hear her words.

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