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Prince William and Kate Middleton Already Preparing Prince George to Be King

Gettyimages | The White House
By Zachary Holt

While much succession is needed before Prince George will be crowned King of England, that hasn't prevented his parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, from getting an early start on preparing the young prince for what being king is like.

Prince George is currently third in line to the throne, only after Prince Charles, his grandfather, and Prince William, his father. And while it could be a couple of decades until his time comes, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been using an adorable method to start teaching the young prince the ins and outs.

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It's Currently Unknown When Prince Charles Will Take Over Throne From Queen Elizabeth II

Gettyimages | Stuart C. Wilson

While it's been previously reported that Queen Elizabeth II might abdicate the throne in the coming years, it has not been confirmed. The reigning monarch has been the Queen of England since 1952 when her father, King George VI tragically passed away from a battle with lung cancer.

Up next is Prince Charles, the queen's eldest son, and Prince William's father. It's unknown when Prince Charles will take the throne, or even how long he will be able to maintain it, once an opportunity arrives, so it's been important for Prince William and Kate to get a head start on preparing their son.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Using 'Storytelling' to Acclimate Prince George to Role of King

Gettyimages | Chris Jackson

According to a report by The Sun, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been preparing Prince George for the monarchy through the use of storytelling. For the royal couple, this method is less abrasive and conducive for a child of his age to learn about the responsibilities associated with being King of England.

"William and Kate have already talked to George and Charlotte about their future roles, but in a child-like way so that they understand without feeling overwhelmed," the insider shared. "George knows there’s something special about him and that one day he’ll be the future King of England."

Prince William Can Relate to Being Groomed at Young Age for the Throne

Gettyimages | Tim Graham

And for Prince William, he knows exactly what his son, Prince George is going through, especially at a young age. For the Duke of Cambridge, he too learned that one day he would be king. It's a protocol within the royal family to groom the future successors at a young age, so as not to overwhelm them should their opportunities arrive quicker than expected.

Prince William, though, was unsure he wanted to be King of England, upon being told that it was his destiny to be so. Ironically, his brother, Prince Harry, was happy to oblige, should William decide that he wasn't up to the challenge.

Prince Harry Takes Exception to Royal Photo Posted to Instagram in December

Gettyimages | Karwai Tang

Interestingly enough, back in December, the royal family posted a picture to their official Instagram account of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George. The motive behind the photo was to show the next several successors after the queen's time was up.

However, apparently, Prince Harry took exception to the photo being posted, despite not being in line to take the throne. Regardless, it seems that with the proper grooming from his parents, Prince George should have all the knowledge he needs when his time comes to be crowned king.

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