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Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco Looks Drop-Dead Gorgeous For 5.33 A.M. Coffee With Bedhair

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
By Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco did it again – looking drop-dead gorgeous all bleary-eyed and half asleep. The "Big Bang Theory" actress is known for her early morning coffee videos over on her Instagram – there's even her "A Cup of Cuoco" series – but Kaley's Thursday morning video wasn't a part of her impromptu morning ramblings.

Fans checking Kaley's stories earlier today saw one makeup-free beauty (and one very early time-stamp).

Kaley's video also gave a nod to another well-known face. The 34-year-old was enjoying her super early coffee while listening Justin Timberlake's 'Can't Stop The Feeling."

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Stunning And Just Out Of Bed

Kaley Cuoco with bedhair
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

The video showed Kaley in selfie mode. The blonde was delivering her usual fuss-free vibe, appearing in her home as she sleepily sipped from a coffee mug.

Kaley wore a red-and-black plaid top – possibly a sweater, possibly pajamas – also rocking a just-out-of-bed feel from her long blonde hair worn messily around her shoulders. The bedhair look is one that this star can pull off, though, with Kaley's luscious locks almost taking on a bombshell finish as she looked into the camera.

Kaley then closed her eyes (big mood vibes) and gulped her coffee.

"Check dat cute mug tho," she wrote as she showed off a cartoon animated mug with dogs and a little girl overlooking a snowy landscape.

Here's The Coffee Look After A Long Lie-In

Kaley Cuoco smiles with coffee
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Today's early start may have seen Kaley looking a little less fresh-faced than usual, but the actress has delivered the beauty sleep glow of late.

On February 9, Kaley updated her Instagram with the same coffee-sipping, but a much later time-stamp. The 10.21 a.m. video showed the star having had a lazy weekend lie-in and likely many hours of sleep – that, in itself, is a rarity for Kaley. During her recent filming for upcoming TV show "The Flight Attendant," Kaley was a semi-insomniac, updating her social media past 2.a.m. – and then winding up in the gym at 3.43 a.m.

'A Cup Of Cuoco' – What The Hell Is It?

Kaley Cuoco in a nightshirt
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley's "A Cup Of Cuoco" series is casual and often sporadic. It sees Kaley take to Instagram with her morning coffee to discuss how she slept, plus whatever else is on her mind. Usually appearing solo, Kaley will also invariably be in a low-frills wardrobe – nightshirts or bathrobes are the standard, with fans sometimes seeing the actress right out the shower.

Husband Karl Cook has featured on the series – just recently, Kaley visited Karl in his Miami rental home with a video that saw her shocked to discover that he washes his hair with Dove soap.

Not Her Only Gig – New TV Show Just Wrapped Up Filming

Kaley Cuoco in a jacket
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley's tenure on "The Big Bang Theory" is now over. That said, the actress' career is not. Kaley and her crew made headlines recently for wrapping up filming for Kaley's new "The Flight Attendant" TV series – parts of the show were filmed in Rome, Italy.

"The Flight Attendant" tells the story of Cassandra Bowden, a woman who wakes up hungover in a Dubai hotel room – with a dead body lying next to her.

Kaley is both producing and starring in the series. The release date has not yet been announced.

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