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Miley Cyrus at the 2018 Met Gala

Miley Cyrus Fully Exposes Chest: 'Instagram Will Definitely Be Removing This Post Soon'

Neilson Barnard/Getty Imag
By Rebecca Cukier

"Swipe right," Miley Cyrus told Instagram on Wednesday night. The 27-year-old singer was driving her 104 million followers right to a photo of her exposed breast – and this was no semi-sheer tank situation.

While The Daily Mail dubbed Miley's chest-flashing a "wardrobe malfunction" – indeed, it did appear to be one – there was a self-promoting side to the exposing moment by virtue of the "SHE IS COMING" singer choosing to share it to Instagram.

Click here and follow Miley's instructions – that means swiping right. Or just keep scrolling.

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Wrap Crop Tops Can Be Risky

Miley Cyrus on stage
Gettyimages | Ethan Miller

Miley's update was formed of three photos. All showed the singer fresh off the runway as she made a sizzling appearance for designer Marc Jacobs. The black pants from Miley's runway appearance were still on, but the black bralette donned had been covered up by a tailored and wrap-style crop top in black and white.

The first image showed the former "Hannah Montana" star waving at the camera as she exited the venue, rocking her loose crop top without a hitch. Likewise flawless was the second snap, but it all fell apart in the third – here, Miley's left breast and nipple were fully exposed.

'But Hurry. Instagram Will Definitely Be Removing This Post Soon'

Miley Cyrus in the street
Miley Cyrus/Instagram

A caption from Miley appeared to acknowledge the situation – even if her face hadn't at the time of it – with the singer jokingly warning fans to do their swiping quickly as she predicted that Instagram might delete the image.

"Swipe right. But hurry. Instagram will definitely be removing this post soon," she wrote.

Miley's post was still live 10 hours after she posted it. Whether it remains live is anyone's guess, but Miley might just get away with it.

'#FreeTheNipple' Appears In Comments

Miley Cyrus in lingerie
Miley Cyrus/Instagram

Miley's risque post received plenty of likes and comments. The former sat at 1.7 million by the time the sun rose on Thursday morning.

Fans mostly seemed on-board.


Meanwhile, others took to the "free the nipple" hashtag.

"U served so much today. I'm so proud of u, #freethenipple," one user wrote.

"#freethenipple I love u @mileycyrus GET IT BABY 🔥," another said.

Miley isn't alone in having suffered a Fashion Week wardrobe malfunction. Model Kaia Gerber did in a sheer shirt during Paris Fashion Week last year, with model Gigi Hadid having suffered a footwear one more recently.

Miley Told To 'Grow Up' – Not Everyone Digs It

Miley Cyrus at the 2018 Met Gala
Gettyimages | Neilson Barnard

While comments to Miley's update were mostly positive, some users were raising eyebrows – and getting likes.

"Guess your "classiness" left you after the divorce too! Are you seeking for attention by posting nip slips??? Wow!!! I wanna be just like you when I grow up! NOT! 🙄🤣," one fan wrote.

Over 120 users liked the comment.

Meanwhile, Miley has defended her raunchier side.

"I think now I actually have the respect that I want. When I walk into a room, people may think, “Okay, she gets her tts out.” But they also think, “But she’s got a fcking sick voice,” and that’s all I care about," she told Elle last year.

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