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This New Show Mixes 'Hell's Kitchen' with 'The Masked Singer', And We Can't Wait To See It

Gettyimages | FOX
By Tara Lloyd

International broadcasters were pitched an explosive new reality television show format in London this week.

Deadline reports that production company Possessed TV pitched a show that would combine Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen with hit show The Masked Singer.

The show, pitched as Rat in the Kitchen, would feature a group of six cooks who are in the running to win a cash prize by completing a series of challenges - but all the while, one of the cooks is secretly trying to sabotage their efforts.

Giphy | Hell's Kitchen

Viewers will then try to solve the mystery of which cook is the rat in the kitchen, while a big-name celebrity chef will judge the dishes.

Possessed TV producer Glenn Hugill presented the below clip from Hell's Kitchen to illustrate his point.

The video shows a chef throwing out a dish of monkfish that she mistakenly believed was unsafe for consumption. Hugill asked the broadcasters to watch it through a "whodunnit" lense, considering whether the chef had actually made a mistake or if she had sabotaged her team's efforts on purpose.

Hugill said, “When you’re making that kind of show, of course, you’re absolutely thrilled when something like that happens, but what if you could guarantee that something like that was definitely going to happen? What if you apply a bit of The Masked Singer logic to cookery? That’s how you get to Rat In The Kitchen."

Giphy | Hell's Kitchen

He added, “The rat is deliberately trying to screw it up for everyone. They’re turning up the heat on the oven, they’re leaving the freezer door open, they’re swapping the salt for the sugar… but of course, this is cookery, so people are getting it wrong naturally all of the time. So it’s incredibly difficult to work out what was a genuine mistake and what was deliberate sabotage.”

It's believed BBC One commissioned a non-transmission pilot before the UK premiere of The Masked Singer.

Gettyimages | FOX

Although Hugill did not name the BBC directly, he did reveal that he had gotten a commission for Rat in the Kitchen after a producer watched an episode of Masterchef, imagining it with the new saboteur format.

He said, “She rang me later that night and said ‘yeah, ok, you’ve got it [the commission]. I watched five minutes of MasterChef and within two minutes somebody had set fire to a tea towel.’ That’s the thing, people make these mistakes all the time.”

Gettyimages | John Phillips

Rat in the Kitchen was pitched as part of the UK Screenings, an event where studios from all over the world are invited to show their ideas to international buyers.

At this stage, it has also been reported that AMC's ad-free service AMC Premiere has picked up the three-part BBC One adaptation of The War of the Worlds, starring Rafe Spall, Eleanor Tomlinson and Robert Carlyle.

A Korean remake of BBC and Sundance Drama's The Split was also announced.

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