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A photo of FKA Twigs performing

FKA Twigs' Doesn't Care About Genre Rules When It Comes To Her Music

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By Aja

With the changing times, music enthusiasts are looking for new sounds and innovative beats. Mainstream music is becoming a thing of the past as record labels fight to keep up with people's ever-changing musical tastes. Revoluntionary singers like Melanie Martinez, Lil Nas X, Lorde and Janelle Monae are never defined to one specific musical genre. Instead, they combine them to create something new, something different. British singer FKA Twigs is the Queen of experimenting with new sounds, even the sound of witches burning. The singer is a genre-breaker.

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The Evolution Of FKA Twigs Music

FKA Twigs performing
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The Mary Magdalene singer isn't insterested in conformity as much as she is about emotional impact. She's an artist, not a singer. FKA Twigs achieved critical acclaim for her earlier albums simply titled EP1, EP2 and LP1 back in 2012 and 2014. Her more recent work differs greatly from her earlier albums, as her songs pack tons of emotional turmoil. Her 2019 Magdalene Album explores the hardships she faced, such as her public breakup from fiance Robert Patterson and her 2017 surgery. These last 4 years were difficult on FKA Twigs but she's even stronger artist because of it.

FKA Twigs' Pain Is So Heartbreaking That's It's Brilliant

FKA twigs performing
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People love learning about the ups and downs of celebrity relationships. However, every track off of FKA Twigs 2019 Magdalene album is unbearable and painfully heartbreaking to listen to. Even her music video for Cellophane is difficult to watch. The bizarre visuals paired with her haunting voice evoke this sense of painful depression in the audience. Most of FKA Twigs videos are strangely poetic but this single probably portrayed the rawest version of the artist. The singer has mastered the sound of true heartbreak.

Fans Are Spellbound By Her Performances

FKA Twigs performing at an event
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Not only is the Fallen Alien singer a musician at heart but she's also a performer. Before her singing career took off she was a backup dancer for music videos. Now she performs for herself. She may have kept things casual and light during her performance at the 2020 NME Awards but that was just an off day for the singer. FKA Twigs is widely-known to perform a wush rountine, a type of ancient Chinese martial arts that involves paper-thin Jian swords. FKA Twigs definitely favors the unusual.

The 2020 Prince Tribute

FKA Twigs at the 2020 Grammys
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Speaking of performances, fans were pretty miffed that FKA Twigs got reduced to a backup dancer for Usher at the 2020 Grammys. Usher had all the attention on him as he sung renditions of Prince's greatest hits such as When Doves Cry & Purple Rain. FKA Twigs took to social media to address the outrage of her fans, "revealing that it was not her decision not to sing during the tribute." What made things worse was the fact that the British singer didn't win the award for Best Music Video. Ouch!

FKA Twigs' Fashion Sense Is Just As Haunting As Her Songs

FKA Twigs singing at a concert
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In an industry that changes at the drop of a dime, versatility among artists is a must. FKA Twigs doesn't have a problem in that department. If anything, she's lightyears ahead of the music industry. The Grammy-nominee can sing, dance, give mind-blowing performances and even has a great sense of style. The singer's ensemble stole the show at designer Pierpaolo Piccioli's 2020 Valentino Menswear Collection. FKA Twigs wore a Valentino haute couture lace gown with the shimmering mask to match. Not only are her songs hauntingly beautiful but so is her style.

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