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Demi Lovato on stage

Demi Lovato Stuns In Neon Sports Bra On L.A. Rooftop

David Becker/Getty Images
By Rebecca Cukier

Demi Lovato may have worn a conservative white pantsuit to deliver the National Anthem at the 2020 Super Bowl, but the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer proved more skimpily clad on Tuesday as she switched back to sports gear.

Demi is the promotional face for sports giant Fabletics, and she'd definitely put the "Fab" into the athletics with a revealing look as she underwent a photoshoot for the brand.

Photos obtained by The Daily Mail this week showed Lovato soaking up the sun and flaunting her slimmed-down body in some eye-catching merch.

Click here for the snaps.

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The Jiu-Jitsu-Trained Body Knocks The Camera Dead

Demi Lovato poses in sportswear
Gettyimages | Rachel Murray

Demi was looking fit and fabulous. The singer has a blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu, and she was definitely looking fierce as the camera took in a neon look that was head-turning.

Demi was clad in a tight and neon green sports bra with a cut-out back. The songstress paired her bright upper with a tight black pair of leggings bearing a lime green stripe on the side – while photos didn't show Demi full length, they nonetheless took in her sizzling curves and toned muscles as she posed on a sun-drenched Los Angeles rooftop.

Demi was seen with her eyes closed in a candid moment, also striking a pose with her back to the camera as she leaned against railings.

Just Unveiled Her 'Spiritual Awakening' Tattoo

Demi Lovato shows off her back tattoo
Demi Lovato/Instagram

Demi made headlines on Tuesday for breaking her Instagram silence since the Super Bowl last month. The singer returned to the platform to share her new back tattoo – intricate detail proved insanely popular amid the star's fans as she showed off an inked angel with broken wings being uplifted by three doves.

"I recently went dark on social media in preparation for my Grammy and Super Bowl performances but while I was off socials I got this incredibly meaningful tattoo done by @alessandro_capozzi," she began.

An Experience 'I've Never Had Before'

Demi Lovato at the Super Bowl
Gettyimages | Elsa

Demi continued to outline how she felt while receiving the new ink – it was debuted by Demi's tattoo artist Alessandro Capozzi on his Instagram back in December 2019.

"Getting tatted by him was an experience I’ve never had before.. no idea what I was going to get done, I told him about my life and where I was at in that moment and we created a combination on images that best symbolized the spiritual awakening I was having," she added.

Symbolizing The 'Darkness' She Has 'Shed'

Demi Lovato takes a bikini selfie
Demi Lovato/Instagram

Demi does, indeed, seem to have shed the darkness in her life. A very public battle against addiction reached crisis point in 2018 as Demi was hospitalized following a near-fatal drug overdose, with Demi now steadily on the sobriety road.

"Having a fallen angel being lifted by 3, pure, angelic doves (the Holy trinity) as her inner light is being guided by a higher consciousness, and the disintegration of her dark wings was representing the darkness I was shedding," she added, explaining the precise meaning of the tattoo.

Demi is not the only celebrity face fronting fabletics. She is joined by actress Kate Hudson.

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