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Prudence Had the Saddest Ending on 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina'

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By Imani Ford

For the first half of season 3, we saw Prudence go on the hunt for her father Mr. Blackwood. If you’ve ever seen The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, you would know that Father Blackwood was a terrible father to Prudence. He made her believe she was an orphan until she discovered that Blackwood was her biological father. Of course, Prudence didn’t take the news well. From that point forward, it created tension between her and her father. Initially, she wanted to be accepted and loved by him but that quickly changed as the seasons went on. Fast forward to season 3 or better known as Part 3 of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and she’s searching the globe to kill him.

Welcome to New Orleans

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With the help of Ambrose and a Voodoo witch named Marie LaFleur, Prudence was able to track down Mr. Blackwood. When she finally caught up with him, she attempted to kill him. Ambrose talked her out of it, which is something they both soon would regret. Prudence speared his life. They bring Mr. Blackwood's unconscious body back to the academy and Prudence feels somewhat proud of herself for catching him. During the second half of the season, Father Blackwood has escaped. Now a coven of Pagan witches is taking over Greendale.


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The pagan witches use their powers to control Prudence’s sister Agatha. They make her go crazy. They drive her insane to the point where she kills their other sister Dorcas. In the finale episode, Prudence finds out that Father Blackwood let her sister Agatha out. Even though this whole season Ambrose and Prudence seemed to be falling in love, she blames him for stopping her. She believes that if she would have just killed Father Blackwood, then both of her sisters would still be with her.

Sisters Forever

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If you are a fan of this series, you would know that all Prudence had was her sisters. Even though they were all orphans growing up, they created this bond with each other. Agatha and Dorcas were all that she had. Without them, she is alone and lost. After Prudence broke things off with Ambrose, she sits on the steps with Nick. She expresses how loneliness. To me, this helps push the story of Nick and Prudence being a thing again. Prudence is lonely and as far as I know, Nick had always been a loner outside of Sabrina.


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In part 3B, it's possible Prudence is going to make it her mission to save her sister Agatha. Even though she has no clue where she is, she has no plans to give up. This time, when she catches Father Blackwood, she’s going to kill them indefinitely. By the end of this season, Prudence has no father, sister, and no boyfriend. I have no idea what’s instore for Prudence but I’m pretty sure in 3B; she gets all the justice she deserves.


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