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Demi Lovato looks stunning as she dances intensely on stage.

Demi Lovato Explains In Detail What Her 'Spiritual Awakening' Tattoo Means

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Demi Lovato has new tats and it has a deep meaning! Shocked yet? The singer is making her way back to the music industry and she wants her fans to be as updated as possible. If there is anyone who needs applause for sticking her head out through the mud she has been through, it's Lovato. The singer has had her fair share of trying times and almost lost her life in the process. But, instead of sitting back and regretting, she wants to be positive and inspire others.

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The singer has a number of tattoos on her body, but recently, she added a new favorite and the internet is going wild for it. In an Instagram post shared recently, the singer showed of a new tattoo on her back and said it was a sign of her 'spiritual awakening.'

The singer was hospitalized in 2018, after a tragic event in her life, and this tattoo is not only showing that she has decided to move forward with her life, it is showing that she is embarking on a spiritual journey.

Demi Lovato looks amazing in this white flowing dress as she performs at the Grammys 2020.
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Speaking about getting her new ink, Lovato mentioned on Instagram that she decided to leave social media for a while, to prepare for her comeback performance at the Superbowl and Grammy Awards 2020. Also, it was at this point that she decided to get a new tattoo, to commemorate her victory from 2018. She used the opportunity to thank the person who drew her that stating that she explained everything that had happened to her, and how she was trying to move on.

Demi Lovato looks amazing in this white shirt-dress with a large print in front showing two people hugging.
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According to the 27-year-old singer, the ink represents her shedding her darkness or dark past. The tattoo featured a falling angel being carried up by three doves and it is the cutest thing to see.

"Having a fallen angel being lifted by 3, pure angelic doves (the Holy Trinity,) as her inner light is being guided by a higher consciousness, and the disintegration of her dark wings was representing the darkness I was shedding." Lovato said in her post, and fans were amazed.

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Lovato spoke with Zane Lowe that the song she was to perform as the Grammys, was finalized for production four days before she found herself in the hospital.

At the Grammys, Lovato came on stage to perform but as she began, she was overwhelmed with emotions as a drop of tears dropped from her eyes. However, she picked herself up and performed the song titled "Anyone" in the most beautiful and heart warming way. The audience listened to the end and gave her a warm standing ovation.

For anyone who is going through or has gone through a dark time, Demi Lovato is hear telling you that you are not alone.

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