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Antonio Brown Apologizes To Ben Roethlisberger

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By Mario Perez

It can seem quite odd, but at times getting into actual trouble is one of the best things that can happen to a person that is behaving completely out of line. This could just be what happened to Antonio Brown.

The former stand out NFL player went through a streak of odd incidents that all started when he was actually banned from the Pittsburg Steelers to play in their final game of the season about a year and a half ago.

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Brown's 2019

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In the last NFL season that saw the Kansas City Chiefs hoist the Lombardy Trophy, Brown played only one game. From there his entire life seemingly played out on social media. From a video of him yelling profanities at a woman and a group of police officers to trying out in the music industry. Things just kept getting more and more bizarre.

Ironically one of the only incidents involving Brown that was not caught on tape was the one that landed him in front of a judge.

The Real Reason For The Downward Spiral

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In a recent interview, Brown hinted at the fact that drugs may have been involved in his demise. From all of the clips that surfaced on him and his particular actions, it is hard to argue against that particular logic.

Yet, a lot of folks were trying to blame his erratic behavior on the fact that he may be suffering from CTE. Which, is a chronic brain disorder that has affected a lot of former football players. Including Aaron Hernandez also formerly of the Patriots.

The Apoligy

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Allegedly Brown is attending court-mandated sessions with professionals that could help him overcome some of the mental health issues he is clearly dealing with. Over the past few weeks, he has issued a number of apologies to former teammates and overall other people that he has spoken out against.

Today he shared a very special Instagram post for his former quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The apology had comments from NFL alumni such as Mike Vick. Who, had a very public fall from grace of his own.

What Are The Chances He Gets Back In The League?

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The chances of Brown getting back in the league are surprisingly high. He is probably going to have to continue his apology tour. One of the most important apologies that he is going to have to make is to Patriot's owner Robert Kraft. Who, Brown insulted after being cut from the team without being paid the guarantees on his contract.

Of course, to get back in the league he is going to have to resolve all of the pending legal issues against him and above all else stay out of trouble!

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