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Amber Rose Joins The Face Tattoo Club

Gettyimages | BG010/Bauer-Griffin
By kenadijiba

The face tattoo trend has now affected another. The fact that known models are altering their face in such a “sloppy” way is confusing to the public. If you have won the genetic lottery, why on earth would you mess with that? When Presley Gerber, Cindy Crawford's son got the word misunderstood etched onto his cheek people decided to investigate. Why would he do this, there has to be a deeper reason, an inner turmoil going on behind the scenes of this picture-perfect family.

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Bizarre Instagram Video

Gettyimages | Gilbert Carrasquillo

His odd response through his Instagram was a video calling out those who have criticized him, and telling them to “pull up” at his address. He also posted a video of him shooting a gun from his “innocent” days pre tattoos and continued to imply that people don't know what he's been doing up to this point. Basically calling out the facade of his image. He definitely is reminiscent of other famous actors children like Chet Hanks, and the bubble gum pop singer Aaron Carter.

Amber Rose Get's A Face Tattoo

Gettyimages | Phillip Faraone

After that random debacle with Presley went down, a photo of Amber Rose popped up and sadly she too has tattooed her beautiful face. On her pimple less forehead there is now the names of her children. The sentiment is sweet but ultimately do parents now have to show the love for their children through body art? What is the point of that? It is not like you did not care about your children pre having their names burned into your forehead, so why do it in the first place.

Post Malone's Influence

Gettyimages | Matthew Eisman

Post Malone the rapper along with all the new generations “lil” Soundcloud wannabe famous artists are to blame for this movement. His carelessness in his appearance is not necessarily a bad thing. If he didn't have such an effect on others in terms of being a role model then it would not be significant at all. It is just the fact that 13-year-olds from Pennsylvania now believe if they design their face in a similar fashion to Post Malone, that now they too have a chance in the music industry.

The Death Of Trends


Like millions of trends before this everything comes and goes. Time will give us all insight to some questionable choices we made in all facets of our lives. After this last decade was officially over many people posted a side by side photos of them from the start of 2010, to now. Obviously, for many there was a stark contrast. As we grow there is an evolution in the way we think, and thankfully the way we dress. But, isn't that the fun in growing older and realizing the ridiculous mistakes you made.

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