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#FreeZayn Has Fans Shocked

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By kenadijiba

When a “One Direction” member is trending it is agreed that all Directioners in unison take a deep breath, and try with a strong will to control that bubbling panic attack that’s starting to set in. Although Zayn Malik did make the diar choice of his own will to leave “One Direction” right in the midst of a huge tour, Directioners still have a tender place in their hearts for the star. Not to mention his freshman and sophomore albums, “Mind of Mine" and “Icarus Falls” were official bangers.

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Switching Lanes

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The reasoning behind Zayn totally uprooting his life, and beginning a new journey towards a more “grown'' along with R&B centered sound, was mostly based on creative control. While in “One Direction” Zayn confessed that he didn't gel with the music they were creating. It can be assumed that he probably never played that music while in the comfort of his own home, like fellow bandmate Harry Styles. His dislike for what he was representing was a huge culprit, along with other things.

Breakup With Perrie Edwards

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His breakup with another fairly popular girl group member, Perrie Edwards took fans aback during that time as well. After he signed to RCA records people had an endless amount of hope for the rising solo artist. His cheeky grin in the forever encapsulated photo posted on his Twitter made fans believe he was content with his label situation. Anyways, from the outside looking in it could not have been worse than his deal with Syco Records. So, why was #FreeZayn trending last night. All that glitters clearly is not gold.

#FreeZayn Goes Viral


The ammunition behind the worldwide hashtag #FreeZayn was the scheduled release of a collaboration with Zayn on it, and Zayn not getting any forewarning about it. The use of his vocals without his explicit consent does seem completely unwarranted. RCA records blocking of his sophomore album “Icarus Falls” due to creative differences ironically is what made people anxious as well. He's reverting back to a similar position when he had been in “One Direction”, probably was Zayn’s fear-filled nightmare.

Record Company Issues

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At this point due to his meek nature fans don't really expect Zayn to call out his record company. But, in a humble fashion, he did tweet out that if he was releasing some new music his fans would always know about it first and through the vessel of his social presence. Having such a public discourse between an artist and their record label cannot be good business for anyone. Will Zayn go about finding a loophole into becoming independent. Or is he going to just wait out the storm?

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