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Olivia Wilde Wants To Empower Actresses To Demand Privacy in Sex Scenes

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By Mario Perez

Not too long ago Olivia Wilde was one of the most recognizable faces in the big and the small screen. Yet, she proved that she was way more than just a pretty face with her directorial debut in the comedy Booksmart.

The movie is a relatively low budget film that earned a profit of around 6 million dollars. Of course, that is not a huge deal by regular Hollywood standards. Yet, this film could actually turn out to be groundbreaking in more than one way.

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The movie is described as a coming of age comedy, and upon release, it really did get hit with a lot of the cliches that come with movies about kids in high school. It seems though that this one of the few films that have actually been able to break the mold.

It has had critics raving about it for quite some time. Getting an 84% rating from Metacritic and a 97% rating from rotten tomatoes. Making Wilde's directorial debut a true success.

Wilde's Advice

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During all of the intimate scenes that were filmed for the movie, Wilde would literally close off the set and have only the people that absolutely needed to be there on hand. This allowed the actors to feel at least a little bit more comfortable than what they would normally feel.

Wilde mentioned "I said to our actresses that are doing this intimate scene, ‘When you’re on your next film set, I want you to demand what I’m showing you today.’”

What Is The Norm?

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Before actually getting on set to make the movie Wilde had a couple of decisions that she needed to make. She mentioned, "Do I have to steer it the same way I’ve seen guys do it? Or can I do my own thing? I can do my own thing. So I’m going to change the way this usually works.”

Which sparked the question, how are movie sets usually run? It would seem kind of obvious that private scenes would be shot in more of an enclosed environment. It seems that is just not the case.

Olivia Wilde's Next Projects

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The critical success of the movie Booksmart seemingly came out of the blue. As was mentioned before this was one of those stories that most people thought they had seen before. Yet, Wilde and her team were able to give it their own twist.

The only issue that she could potentially be facing would be that she may be trying to do things too much her way. A lot of big names in Hollywood don't like to be told that they are doing things the wrong way. Someone has to do it though!

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