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Pamela Anderson Speaks Out After the End of her 12-Day Marriage

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By Ben Robinson III

Many Hollywood unions have a tendency to either last for many, many years or many, many days. In any event, the search for love is ongoing when it comes to Hollywood relationships, and there's a constant revolving door that churns out relationships that end quicker than the time it takes to make microwave popcorn. One such celebrity, 90's hotness Pamela Anderson, has had her fair share of romantic unions that have all ended in disaster. And her latest marriage has her feeling some type of way.

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Most will remember Anderson from her days as one of the most seductive blonde bombshells since Marilyn Monroe. Aside from being featured on the cover of Playboy magazine more than any other centerfold model in the magazine's history Anderson is also an actress who has appeared on many popular television series from the '90s. Many will remember her from her time as Lisa on Home Improvement with Tim Allen, or her quirky syndicated detective series V.I.P. But most people remember her from her time on Baywatch.

With fame came a string of lovers that eventually turned into her first three husbands. During the height of her career Anderson, along with then husband Tommy Lee, became the subjects of much media scrutiny when a sex tape of the two of them during their honeymoon was stolen from their home and leaked via the internet. Though they survived the controversy other issues within their marriage caused them to divorce in 1998. But Anderson would soon find love again.

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Anderson went on to marry poker champion Rick Salomon in a union that would later be annulled. She followed that up with a rocky marriage to musician Kid Rock that ended in divorce. But it's Anderson's most recent marriage to film producer Jon Peters that's making major headline because their union only lasted for twelve days. Hollywood Life reports;

The former Baywatch star shared a cryptic Instagram story on Tuesday, February 11 amid his claims that he paid off her $200,000 debt and bought her a new wardrobe while they were briefly husband and wife.

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“We are all getting our share in this crazy world,” it began. “‘As long as we are wrestling we are alive. As long as we recognize insanity we are sane. It is better to be betrayed than not to trust, better to be disappointed than not to love. Don’t ever run from pain, just face it allow it to be and it will pass. And we will have grown to the next level.”

A source close to the situation revealed Anderson realized she rushed into the marriage with Peters, though she also admitted to not necessarily keeping that door closed after taking time to reevaluate everything.

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