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Kody Brown and his four beautiful wives look stunning in this photo as they cozy up to one another.

Kody Brown From 'Sister Wives' Says The Other Browns Are Hypocrites!

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By Favour

In 2016, fans of "Sister Wives" were struck hard when the daughter of Meri and Kody Brown, Mariah Brown, announced to the world that she was gay. They had not seen it coming and it shocked everyone. One of the main reasons why fans were taken aback, is because the Browns were so supportive of Mariah.

Kody and his wives; Janelle, Meri, Robyn and Christine have openly revealed that they are sworn members of the Apostolic United Brethren. This group is solely against same-sex marriage.

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Luckily for Mariah, the group and her family embraced her with open arms and allowed her to be free with her decisions.

Moving forward, Mariah announced that she and her long-time girlfriend, were engaged, the members of the Brown family insisted that she hurry her wedding up.

Kody celebrated his 51st birthday in a grand style and all the family members were present to grace the occasion. While everyone was drinking and in merry, Mariah dropped the bomb on everyone and they were stunned.


In her speech, Mariah mentioned that her and a long-time girlfriend, Audrey Kriss, are engaged and would be getting married soon. Of course, the news was shocking, but soon, everyone showed her love and support.

Audrey and Mariah reportedly began their love journey when they were still schooling at Westminster College, which is located at Utah. They were together for two years, before finally moving to Chicago. Audrey, was trying to get a master's degree in social justice and social work at a University located in Chicago.

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Mariah's mother, Meri revealed that her daughter did not inform her about the engagement beforehand, which made it even more exciting.

"I'm so excited, she is such a stinker, and I didn't even get to know anything about it," she said.

Kody, who was also taken by surprise revealed his thoughts on the engagement. Although his religion did not support Mariah's lifestyle, he chose to accept and support her.

"We're very happy with it and we are super excited to see their life together." Kody said.

Kody Brown and two of his beautiful wives look amazing as they pose for the camera.
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At Kody's celebration, he asked his daughter when the marriage would be taking place, but Mariah said that they were not thinking about it yet. Surprised at her answer, Kody mentioned that if the lovers were serious about their engagement, then there was no need to wait. However, Mariah mentioned that she did not want to have to deal with the pressure from school and wedding plans, but Kody was not having her excuse.

While the subtle arguments went on, the other older Browns asked that everyone lighten up and have fun at the celebration.

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