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Oscar Awards

How to FIx Film Awards Season

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By Christian Avina

Awards season is always a time of judgment for film fans all over the world as their favorite films get snubbed, win, and lose categories in every single award ceremony there is. With all the judgment comes so many different ideas of how to fix all the award shows to include every single film there is out there. In reality, we can't include every single film, but here are a few ideas on how to change awards season and make it an overall celebration of film.

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This was the biggest representation that Netflix had at the Oscars. The streaming juggernaut secured 24 nominations, more than any other studio. Yet it ended up with only two wins at the Oscars. The Best Supporting Actress for Laura Dern and Best Documentary Feature for American Factory. I think its time to add a new award show that includes streaming exclusive. In the near future, there will be more than enough streaming service that will have original films. It doesn't have to be a huge spectacle like other award shows, just appreciation for the advancement in film with the rise of streaming.

Inclusive Awards

BAFTA Awards
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This is a tough one to tackle because its a double-edged sword. Having inclusive awards is something that can be an overall positive to showcase different types of film, whether it's from a different country or if it's from a female director, but it could do the exact opposite. These films could just be shoved into this different category to not include them in the main ones. I think the positive outweighs the negative as this exposes more people to films that may not have seen if it wasn't for these new categories.

Add Different Segments Shorten the Time

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Award shows seem like they're down with hosts after the Kevin Hart situation where he had controversial tweets resurface from years ago. Kevin Hart decided to step down as host of the Oscars back in 2018. Awards shows should above all else be for pure entertainment now and the awards be the side attraction. With the rise of things like YouTube and live streaming taking over the internet, old media like award shows need to evolve with the times and try to draw in younger eyes.

Closing Thoughts

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This is by no means a list of things that need to happen, these are mere suggestions and thoughts that I believe could improve the overall watching experience for award shows. I do think that awards shows are in desperate need for change. They shouldn't merely be an award show anymore. They need to include entertainment above all including the introduction to new awards. The entertainment industry needs to evolve or else die out slowly, but surely. We'll see what happens next year.

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