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Brianna and Roger in Outlander

'Outlander': Check Out The First Photo From Roger and Brianna's Wedding

By Robin Burks

The season 5 premiere of Outlander will feature Roger and Brianna's (Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton) wedding. Now, the first official photo from the couple's big day has officially dropped. Actor Sam Heughan, who portrays Brianna's father on the series, the hunky Jamie Fraser, posted the photo on his Instagram account, showing off the proud father and daughter on her special day. The two look stunning in their period gear, with Brianna positively glowing in her Scottish-inspired long ivory dress.

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Roger and Brianna's long road

Roger and Brianna in Outlander

Roger and Brianna's relationship has been rocky from the very start. Although the two seemed made for each other, they initially were not on the same page when it came to what they wanted. Roger insisted they get married early on, which initially scared Brianna off, who wanted to keep things more casual. Roger then made the mistake of withholding information about the death of Brianna's parents, who are in the past, which prompted Brianna to go through the stones and visit the past herself.

Revisiting the past

Roger in Outlander

Brianna successfully arrived in the past and set sail for the new world, where her parents have settled. Roger, feeling guilty and a little over-protective, decided to follow her, but the two did not reconnect until after some time. Eventually, they do find each other and all seems well. But the two have another argument about their future and expectations from each other, and Brianna storms off. It is then that she is raped in a scene that proved controversial for viewers.

The pair separate

Brianna in Outlander

It is at this point when Roger and Brianna's relationship is at its roughest. Brianna ran off to her parents, after which she discovered that she is pregnant with her rapist's child. Roger tried to find her and due to a misunderstanding, got beaten up by Jamie, who believed that Roger was the rapist. Roger then got kidnapped by a Native American tribe, but did eventually get rescued. However, he continued to have trouble coming to terms with Brianna's situation and seemed to leave her once more, only to return at the end of the season 4 finale

What will happen in season 5?

Outlander Season 5

Although Roger could probably earn the title of worst boyfriend ever, it seems that he and Brianna will have a proper wedding ceremony in season 5. However, it also seems that Jamie and Roger still have some issues to work out, probably because of how Roger has treated Brianna in the past. Rankin said:

“That’s a huge element of season five… Roger and Jamie’s story this season is a very exciting one, it’s a lot of fun, they – I’m not gonna give anything away particularly but it’s a huge aspect of season five, and Sam [Heughan] and I have had a lot of fun playing it this season."

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