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Lizzo in a bikini on the beach

Lizzo Slaps 'Thunda Thighs' In No Pants Bedroom Video

By Rebecca Cukier

Lizzo meant business slapping her thighs in a TikTok video that was later reposted to her Instagram on Tuesday. The "Juice" singer took to social media for a reminder that her curves are nothing to be ashamed of – the 31-year-old singer and rapper may face body-shaming on a regular basis, but she's nowhere near done confirming that she's confident with her shape.

Lizzo's video also proved tongue-in-cheek from a humor viewpoint – not only did the star slap her sexy thighs, she captioned the video with a mention pertaining to her size, also enhancing the sound effect to deliver an echo finish.

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'Thunda Thighs' Get An Echo Effect

Lizzo in underwear and a Gucci tee

The video showed Lizzo in her bedroom and located in Mexico, per her geo-tag. The singer was standing facing the camera and wearing nothing but a black pair of panties and matching Gucci t-shirt – white lettering and the Italian brand's logo here formed a monochrome look.

Lizzo was delivering some moves, though. The "Truth Hurts" singer was slapping her thighs in a statement manner, adding loud echo effects to exaggerate the action – oh, and caption was the cherry on the cake as Lizzo also shook her waist-length hair around.

"WARNING: ain’t no thunda thighs without lightning 🦵🏾⚡️🦵🏾," she wrote.

Told Her 'Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard'

Lizzo in a bikini on the beach

Instagram loved it. Lizzo's video racked up likes, comments, and views, with the latter sitting at over 849,000 by the time the sun rose on Wednesday morning.

Fan comments poured in.

"Captions always on point," one fan wrote.

"Her milkshake brings all the boys the yard," another said, referencing the well-known song by singer Kelis.

"Ok sis" was another comment, with one fan dubbing the star inspirational – "You are such an inspiration to my daughter and I!@ we love you!!!❤️❤️," they wrote.

The Jillian Michaels 'Body-Shaming' Storm

Jillian Michaels speaking while seated
Gettyimages | John Lamparski

Headlines were pretty major from Lizzo earlier this year as the singer was embroiled in a "body-shaming" storm following a comment made by personal trainer Jillian Michaels. "The Biggest Loser" trainer had taken to Twitter with mentions of Lizzo's medically-obese BMI.

“Why are we celebrating her body? Why does it matter? Why aren’t we celebrating her music? Because it isn’t going to be awesome if she gets diabetes?” Michaels said.

“I love her music. My kid loves her music. But there’s never a moment where I’m like, ‘And I’m so glad that she’s overweight!’ Why do we even care? Why is it my job to even care about her weight?” she added.

Lizzo appeared to clap back with a series of bikini snaps as she rocked a gold two-piece.

Fed Up With Being Called 'Brave' For Being Confident

Lizzo in a bikini on the beach

Lizzo may fly the flag for body-positivity, but the singer is done being dubbed "brave" for simply being confident.

"When people look at my body and be like, 'Oh my God, she's so brave,' it's like, 'No, I'm not,'" she told Glamour last year.

"I'm just fine. I'm just me. I'm just sexy. If you saw Anne Hathaway in a bikini on a billboard, you wouldn't call her brave. I just think there's a double standard when it comes to women," she added.

Lizzo recently re-affirmed her body confidence by flaunting her bikini body from all angles on Rio de Janeio's Copacanana beach – Lizzo called herself a "roll model."

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