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Sofia Richie and Scott Disick at an event

Scott Disick Follows Sofia Richie On Instagram Amid ‘KUWTK’ Drama With Kourtney Kardashian

Gettyimages | Denise Truscello
By Maurice Cassidy

After more than two years of dating, Scott Disick has finally decided to make things official by following Sofia Richie on Instagram.

The couple has been seeing one another since summer 2017, and while the 21-year-old model had already been following Scott on her social media platform, he hadn't returned the favor.

But apparently it wasn’t because the reality star was unsure about his relationship with the blonde beauty.

Sources reveal that Scott made the move to follow Sofia’s Instagram page because it had never occurred to him that he hadn’t actually followed her.

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Scott Doesn't Pay Attention To Social Media

Scott Disick at an event
Gettyimages | Scott Barbour

It's further explained that Scott doesn’t value social media as much as Sofia does.

He prefers using Instagram for business purposes such as promoting his clothing line, Talentless, and taking part in paid-to-post sponsorships, which are plastered all over Disick’s timeline.

But according to Hollywood Life, now that more than two years have passed since the pair got together, Scott finally went ahead and followed Sofia on Instagram, with their sources explaining how the move came about.

And from what insiders have gathered, Scott's delay in following Sofia on IG wasn't intentional.

He's Still Madly In Love With Sofia

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie at an event
Gettyimages | Scott Barbour

“Scott never followed Sofia on Instagram in the past because it really wasn’t something that ever occurred to him and it had nothing to do with his feelings for her,” a source said.

But given how much time Richie dedicates to her social media platforms, Scott figured it would be important for her to be followed by Scott as it solidifies their relationship by letting fans know their romance is still going strong.

“Scott realized how much social media is a part of Sofia’s life and she’s such a big part of his life so he decided it was important to follow her,” a source continued.

Sofia Says She Won't Return To 'KUWTK'

Sofia Richie at a red carpet event
Gettyimages | Tommaso Boddi

“Scott loves Sofia and if it shows her how much she means to him, then he’s all for something as simple as following her on Instagram.”

Scott’s decision to follow Sofia comes just one week after Richie was believed to have unfollowed her boyfriend’s former flame, Kourtney Kardashian, from her own IG page.

It’s unclear when Sofia made the move to unfollow the reality star’s page, but the revelation came days after it was further explained that Scott’s girlfriend didn’t plan on filming scenes for “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” again.

She's Focusing On Her Acting Career Instead

Sofia Richie at an event
Gettyimages | Daniele Venturelli

Instead, Sofia revealed that she’d be focusing her attention on acting, admitting that she’s passionate about the filmmaking world and has already been rehearsing for a number of roles, which would evidently prevent her from being on “KUWTK.”

“Well, because I want to get into acting!” Sofia told Entertainment Tonight. “I feel like, for a while, I kind of held back on things because I was afraid of failure, but 2020 is [the year of] no fear! I’m gonna be doing acting stuff really soon.”

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