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Pastor Who Prohpesised About Kanye West Is Saying THIS About President Trump

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By Jennifer Passmore

California pastor Shawn Bolz, who works in Los Angeles, had a prophecy about Kanye West approximately four years ago. It came when the rapper had a breakdown. Bolz said publicly many times, "we aren't ready for the coming influx of new Christians...God showed me Kanye West as a prophet and worship leader in Christianity." The "Translating God" author believes that God will continue to work through the Kardashian-West family. West released his "Jesus Is King" album at the tail end of last year.

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Bolz, who is the founder of the church Expression 58, the 45 year-old pastor is married and has two daughters. He says that when most people picture talking to God, or "hearing from God, they picture a subgroup of people like the bad guys in a zombie film, but "we're trying to rebrand and dignify what it is to walk with God." He has pointed believers up to the spotlight. Some of them include Governor Mike Huckabee and Vice President Mike Pence.

Talking To Jesus

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Bolz decided to cite the book of Daniel from the bible as an example. The "Exploring The Prophetic" podcaster said, "We are all, as humanity, wired to hear from God – both people who know Jesus and don’t know Jesus, A lot of the way we hear him is through symbols, signs, and dreams, but we can hear him in so many different ways." He also said, "Prophecy is the ability to connect to the God of the Bible in real-time," he explains. "Actually having an encounter with his heart."

Quick To Admit Mistakes

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Unlike others, Bolz is one to admit when he is wrong. When a family was told that a fellow member had cancer, Bolz had told them that God was going to provide healing to that family member. Sadly, they later passed away. Bolz was quick to take responsibility, saying, I told one family a diagnosis of a family member who had cancer and told them I thought God was going to bring healing, and she died a few months later. I took responsibility. Sometimes we take risks – we take hundreds of risks – I wanted to take responsibility to let them know they didn’t do something wrong. It was on me and I’m still learning."

So, What Did He Say About President Trump?

President Trump
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Bolz has had another prophecy, this time about President Donald J. Trump. He has said, "I felt like Trump was going to be president twice and that he would have an encounter in his second term, more of an encounter for God and who he is and for his family," Bolz said. "There's going to be more boldness in the second term and it's going to be disruptive, but I think it's helpful because there's so many systems in place that are old and tired, and need to be knocked down."

The Future Presidency

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Bolz says that President Trump will tackle items like immigration, tax issues and finances. He believes that these are large "markers in his presidency." He said, "I believe we're about to hit -- there's going to be a wave of Christians and conservative people who feel empowered -- where they've been marginalized or outside of discussions ... There's going to be a pendulum swing over the next 10 years back to the middle. There’s going to be great solutions that politicians have tried to solve with money," Bolz said. "God’s going to use people that have incredible creativity"

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