112 Members Accuse Booking Agent of Stealing Money

Members of the Grammy award-winning group 112 are taking legal action against their longtime booking agent, accusing him of stealing from them, even after he was fired.

Daron Jones and Quinnes Parker filed a petition for an emergency injunction this week against former booking agent, Gregory Browning. According to the lawsuit, members had been “reasonably inquiring into Browning’s accounting and fee disbursement practices” for years, and eventually fired him just one day before uncovering an allegedly fraudulent deal.

112 claims Browning booked the group to perform after a Washington Wizards game on March 2 and put $875 into the quartet’s bank accounts for an (incorrect) 4-way split of the $2,000 deposit. Once it was discovered that amount would equal $500, not $875, the guys looked harder into the deal and discovered “the agreement between Browning and the Washington Wizard’s representatives was for $42,500.00 not $22,000.00.”

Browning allegedly refused to let the plaintiffs see the contract and would not give the band access to his accounting books despite “repeated requests.”

112 claims Browning, despite being fired, kept booking gigs on their behalf without their knowledge and as a result “…they have garnered the reputation as no-shows, thus affecting their reputation and their finances.”

Things aren’t good between the members of 112, and now Marvin “Slim” Scandrick is accusing Jones and Parker of splitting the band up. Scandrick apparently still works with the agent in question, and the move has torn the men apart professionally and personally.

However Jones and Parker claim the agent’s actions have caused them financial harm and are demanding that the books be opened for a full audit.

The Blast reached out to Gregory Browning for comment.

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People sometimes you're quiet to protect… noone is perfect, trust me I'm far from it… but I don't pretend to… IT'S TIME TO BE HONEST ABOUT 112. You want answers? Why do you see only 2 people in performances? As you see in these texts especially the first two is very self-explanatory, my text is the last. I'm for the brand. I never left it, never cheated it… Part of being a leader is humbleness. Putting others before self for the brand. Just how I'm built… Ironically the same guys who broke the group up before are at it again and although it's easy to walk away and pick up solo situations or investments it would be unfair to at least give a hint in what's going on. I did that after the 5th album when this happened before… egos and mistrust amongst the members both business and personal caused that too. A person who only is around me because of a contract ain't worthy of calling me a brother. Brotherhood was broken in 03-04, parties know why and I was honest in where I stand so STOP LYING ABOUT FRIENDSHIPS… it's bizness. Unlike others I came back to brand for the fans and culture. In fact I RISKED EVERYTHING in what I believed. Not going to allow it again for members to run brand in the ground…AGAIN. The brand is in good hands. Just like the great groups I look up to that maybe changes faces but NEVER the integrity of the brand I'm gonna fight for the same with 112. People these texts were on March 27th-28th. Look at our shows with the timeline it makes sense. For a person to wanna sue the same person who helped you when you were at your worst… no we aren't bros… be who you are and proud! Don't hide your fangs and rattle. 🐍🐍🐍 Easy to lie to others, I will expose your ACTIONS. How are you entitled to a brand you're not loyal to??Hard to excuse when it happens over and OVER AGAIN. Your management/lawyer knows you a few years.. I'VE KNOWN YOU MOST OF YOUR LIFE! Will answer questions at the appropriate time…stay tuned!😉😉 #112FOREVER #OTHERSOVERSELF #LEADSINGERSPEAKS #CANTBEFAKE #SUPPORTREALNESS #ISTANDFORTHEBRAND #ITHOUGHTITWASWEUSOUR #TEXTSAREWORTHAMILLION #IAMMYBROTHERSKEEPER

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