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Rebecca Black at Beauty Con

Rebecca Black Shares Her Thoughts on Her Song 'Friday' on its Anniversary

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By Christian Avina

Rebecca Black one of the internet's first infamous figures is now 22. The singer first came into the spotlight when she was only 13 when she released her first every song, the notorious 'Friday' The song was released 9 years ago, in 2011. The song received entirely negative attention at its peak popularity when the song dropped. Black hasn't remained silent on the songs negativity and has openly admitted to how the impact of the song drastically affected her upbringing.

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Rebecca Black
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The song was written and produced by Los Angeles record producers Clarence Jey and Patrice Wilson. It was released by ARK Music Factory as Black's debut single hoping it would spark into success for the young singer. Black's mother, Georgina Kelly, paid ARK Music $4,000 for a song and music video that included a choice of two pre-written songs 'Super Woman' and 'Friday'. According to Kelly, the payment covered one half of the production of the music video, and Black's family would have to pay nothing for the rights to the song. Ultimately we know what song Rebecca chose.

The Anniversary


Rebecca Black tweeted on the anniversary of the song on Feb. 10th, 2020. Black reflected on the upload of the infamous music video and how it affected every single aspect of her life and the amount of hate that she garnered because of it. Black said in her post what she would go back and tell her younger self at the ages of 13, 15, 17, and 19. From her shamefulness, depression, the times she was bullied, to all the producers that would tell her that they would never work with her just because of one song.

The Impact

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YouTube at this time was a completely different beast. The platform was nowhere near the size it is today. Even at the time of the original upload of the music video amount of social interaction the song was getting was astronomical even in today's standard. The only kind of people on the internet back then was the kind of people that would leave were disgusting comments purely out of enjoyment. Now that more people have grown up with the internet, they've become more conscious of the people on the other side of the screen.

Her Music

Rebecca Black at Vidcon
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Now that social media has grown into a juggernaut and has more interaction with its audiences than any other form of entertainment media, the internet has become more civil opposed to when Black's 'Friday' was released. Rebecca's song will forever be remembered as to how impactful the internet and its influence can be. She was given so much moral support and great responses from her tweet. Black has become a social media influencer since her social media exploded and continues to create music.

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