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Here Is Why Cindy Crawford's Son Presley Got A Face Tattoo

Gettyimages | David M. Benett
By kenadijiba

Yesterday a photo that had many in a fit of sorts displayed the legendary model, Cindy Crawford’s son Presley with a new accessory assigned to his once classically handsome face. All parent’s hope one day to never be in Crawfords shoes when it comes to this type of major alteration. With Presley following in his mother's footsteps concerning the fashion world, this fresh face tattoo could really affect his future career. At 20 years old it is not clear how something like an entire tattoo on your cheek will look at 50.

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Post Malone Inspired

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Could this somehow be a beneficial move? Some photographers and agencies could see this as an edgy type of “cool kids” statement. Especially with pop culture stars like Post Malone, and Lil Xan pushing this type of “ I don't care” narrative that seems so elusive to the youth. Even if this is what Presley was going for with this tattoo, what is the significance of it? With his choice to have the word “Misunderstood” permanently etched into his skin there has to be something deeper going on there.

Toxic Family

Unsplash | Ann Danilina

If we take the time to look concretely at the family dynamic between matriarch Cindy Crawford , and husband Rande Gerber there are individual markers of success that they have separately achieved. Being raised by such driven parents could not have been an easy road. With that comes elements of insurmountable pressure and a desire to catch up to a legacy that more than likely is impossible to beat. Was this face tattoo a reaction to Presley wanting to publically rebel against that picture-perfect image?

Kaia Gerber

Gettyimages | Rosdiana Ciaravolo

Now, Presley does not seem to be the only one with problems in this family. His sister Kaia Gerber who has started to make a buzz in the modeling industry has some rumored issues plaguing her as well. The tea concerning Kaia is that her mother Cindy really pushed for her to be a prominent model. With this generation of girls like Bella, and Gigi Hadid dominating the industry Kaia definitely felt the need to get into the ring, and defend her mother's past victories.

Self Doubt

With many children from insanely famous homes there seems to be a thread of self doubt, pain, and suffering that goes along with trying to find out what their own special lane is. It is kind of unimaginable the scrutiny someone like Kaia or Presley faces when you have such a known mother. Questioning whether you are good enough, or if people just like you because of who your parents are has to mess with your psyche. If this is Presley’s way of coping with that then kudos to him, but therapy might have been a better choice.

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