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'Superstore's' Stunning Cast Members Return For 6th Season

Gettyimages | NBC
By Stephanie Elmir

It's great news! "Superstore" has been renewed by NBC for a sixth season, promising another period of raucous fun between the stunning cast members of the television series. Filled with veteran television and film stars, the show is brimming with talent, experts in comedy thriving on the sit-com.

The show is a silent favorite, hardly receiving as much praise as it deserves. Alongside its show sister "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" it's also one of the more diverse shows on a primetime network.

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America Ferrera

Wikimedia |

America Ferrera stars as Amy, a young mom who's overworked and going through a divorce during her time at 'Cloud 9'. She's hardworking, a goody-two-shoes, and overall a lovely friend to all her co-workers.

Ferrera is, of course, television royalty, having already starred in the hit series "Ugly Betty" back in the 2000s. Now, she's back with her experience from playing characters who are sweet, underrated, and often overlooked by others. She's the girl next door, all grown up and ready to take what's hers.

Nico Santos

Giphy | Nico Santos

Nico Santos plays Mateo, a 'Cloud 9' employee with tons of drama and love interests at the workplace. He's funny, elegant, kind of snooty, and picky when it comes to his lifestyle, juxtaposing the neutrality of his workplace.

Santos has hit it big on television and film, having a role in "Crazy Rich Asians", a box office hit and one of the most successful and rare all Asian casts. Santos is sure to shine in the upcoming renewed season of "Superstore".

Ben Feldman

Gettyimages | Jason LaVeris

Ben Feldman plays Jonah, the annoying hottie who's got googly eyes for Amy, Ferrera's character. Jonah thinks he's smarter than everybody and often passive-aggressively suggests it through misleading actions. More often than not, he'll anger Amy, inciting an exciting round of sexual tension in their 'will they, won't they' relationship.

Feldman is no stranger to television and film, having many supporting roles in several hits. Described as "if a panda and Disney princess had a baby" it's no secret why he's beloved.

Lauren Ash

Giphy | Superstore

Lauren Ash plays Dina, the bombastic manager at 'Cloud 9' that is often domineering, unmerciful, and willing to condone violence in certain situations. A tough shell with a heart of gold, Dina loves her co-workers but doesn't know how to show it.

Ash already has an extensive history in comedy, having been in films like "The Disaster Artist" and Comedy Central's series "Another Period". "Superstore" allows Dina to go off the rails, further allowing Ash to be as crazy and big as she wants.

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