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Kelly Osbourne looks incredible in this green suede dress with a beautiful purple fringe hairstyle.

Kelly Osbourne Opens Up On Father Ozzy Osbourne's Sickness

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Kelly Osbourne recently gave a update on her father, Ozzy Osbourne's health status, and everyone is a bit relieved. This is coming after the singer revealed to the world that his doctors diagnosed him with Pakinson's disease. Kelly, who was interviewed by "The Daily Mirror," revealed that her dad is doing pretty well, and the news of his illness has brought back the close bond in her family. Since he broke the news out to the world last month, Ozzy has maintained a low-profile to be with his family and friends.

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Kelly Osbourne looks dazzling in this multi-colored dress with a slit at the side.
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Speaking on the issue, Kelly was quick to say that though the news was devastating to her family, they were coping fine. She also mentioned that a lot of people is feeling very bad about it, but that is how life is, and everyone has to deal with it. Kelly is no doubt putting up a brave face for the sake of her family and her old man, and fans are proud of her for it.

"We take every day as it comes, and he is doing incredible," Kelly said to the network.


Last year, fans wanted to know why Ozzy Osbourne decided to postpone his tour, but unknown to them, he was dealing with a lot at the time. In January, he summoned up courage with his lovely wife, Sharon Osbourne by his side, he revealed the sad news on "Good Morning America."

Fans were no doubt sad about it, and they sent their love and support to Ozzy and his family. However, Kelly is coming out to say that everything is going well. According to her, Parkinson's disease, is not a death sentence.

Kelly Osbourne and friends posing for the camera and they all look amazing.
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In January, when Ozzy announced his struggles to the world, he mentioned that it has been stressful on his family. He added that during that time, he had to undergo a surgery on his neck after a bad fall. The fall caused a lot of nerve damages, but Ozzy came out well after the surgery.

Truly, living with Parkinson's disease can be unbearable sometimes, but just like Kelly said, looking on the brighter side is the best thing to do at that time.

Kelly, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne share a beautiful family photo and they all look amazing.
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Ozzy, who was born John Michael Osbourne on December 3, 1948, is a professional English writer, television personality and actor. In 1970, he rose to prominence when he became the lead vocalist for a band known as "Black Sabbath." However, in 1979, Ozzy was laid off the band because he was struggling with an alcohol and drug problem.

According to reports, Ozzy has sold albums in his career which is worth over $100 million.

He is married to Sharon Osbourne, and the duo have three children together.

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