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Did Taylor Swift Skip Grammys For A Petty Reason?

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By Mario Perez

Taylor Swift has been one of the most consistent musicians of the past few years. She has dropped top-selling albums year in and year out. Which, has allowed her to amass 35 Grammy nominations over her top-notch career.

All of this just 30 years of age. So, it would be pretty safe to assume that she is going to be able to at least rack up a couple more nominations to her total over the next few years. Why was she a no show this year though?

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What Are The Rumors?

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The rumors indicate that Swift decided to not attend the ceremony because her team could not get a confirmation on whether or not Taylor was going to actually win an award this year! Apparently Swift's team was denied to right to know in advance. As no artist was notified before the ceremony.

Swift was nominated for 3 awards in this year's Ceremony. These awards where, Song of the Year for her song ‘Lover,’ Best Solo Pop Performance for ‘You Need to Calm Down,’ and Best Pop Vocal Album for Lover.

A Billie Eilish Feud?

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Of course, now in retrospect, we know that she did not win any of the awards that she was up for. In contrast, a lot of people seem to think that in fact, Swift knew that she was not going to win any of the awards. She was literally blown over by the hurricane that was Billie Eilish this year.

Taylor just did not feel like showing up and having to put on a happy face while she was bitter inside over not winning an award.

Trying To Avoid The Negative Press

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It is said that Taylor was very excited about her documentary Miss Americana debuting on Netflix. She was not sure that her losing all of her nominations and being on hand to see that was going to be a positive influence in the ratings for her.

With this new information about her not showing up because of the fact that she was not going to win it just makes her look a bit extra petty. Yet, she probably has a couple of things to smile about.

The Reviews Are In

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The Netflix documentary based around Swift, Miss Americana has actually performed relatively well with critics and it would seem that one could argue it has done massively well with the fans. Rotten Tomatoes has the documentary ranked at a whopping 93%. The experts at Metacritic gave it a 65% while the users of the same platform gave it a 96% approval rating.

It is safe to say that a lot of people enjoyed the in-depth look into her life. At least she has that to make up for the fact that she did not win a grammy this year.

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