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Dwyane Wade Opens Up To Ellen About His Child Being Transgender

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By Mario Perez

NBA great Dwyane Wade went on Ellen this week to discuss amongst other things what it has been like for him and his wife Gabrielle Union to walk their twelve-year-old son Zion in now her path in transitioning to Zaya.

Wade explained that Zion had expressed a desire to be called Zaya and identify as a woman. She is the daughter of Dwayne Wade and Siohvaughn Funches. Yet, Wade has full custody and raises Zaya with his now wife Gabrielle Union.

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Proud Parents of a Child In The LGTB Comunity

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The first thing that Dwayne expressed was the fact that he and his wife Gabrielle Union where proud parents of a child that is a member of the LGTBQ community. Which, was something that Ellen commended him for at the start of their interaction.

According to Wade, the couple have actually made a conscious effort to try and learn as much as they can about what it really means to be transgender. At certain points, they have even attended public showings of pride movements. In order to support their child.

Vocal In The LGTB Comunity

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Although the interview with Ellen took place very recently this was not something that the Wade family had been hiding or anything like that. For the past couple of months, Wade has actually been vocal on social media about his support for the LGTB community. As was mentioned he and his wife had been seen at pride events.

The fact that his son Zion was looking to transition into becoming a woman was not lost on Wade. The family has actually taken steps to work with a number of foundations. In order to support kids that are feeling a certain way, but don't get the ideal support from their own families.

The Balancing Act

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Certainly, this whole ordeal is going to be hard to handle for the Wade family. As literally two of their kids are being thrust into the spotlight with this very public announcement. Wade's eldest son is already taking steps in the public eye on his own as well.

He is part of the Sierra Canyon high school basketball team that also famously features LeBron James Jr known as Bronny. Their high school games are already being broadcasted on ESPN and get more fans in the stands than even some NBA teams.

The Delay In The Announcement


As you may have seen already Wade was already talking publically about his support for LGTB rights back in September. The fact that Zaya came out to her parents is probably not something that is new. Yet, this public announcement that he made on Ellen was probably delayed by the tragic events that took the life of Kobe Bryant, and his daughter Gianna.

The two where notably close friends as evident by the way that Wade broke down on the special broadcast held by TNT to commemorate Kobe.

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