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Rihanna & A$AP Rocky In A Love Web? The Duo Were Spotted Having Dinner In L.A.

Gettyimages | Aurelien Meunier
By Favour

Rihanna has been in the public's eye for a very long time now because of her designers known as Fenty. The singer may not be going into the studio too much these days, but she is still making her money the way she wants to. Aside from being a business guru, Rihanna's name has come up on several tabloids because of her romantic history with men.

Early this year, the public got to know that Rihanna and her boyfriend, a Saudi Arabian native known as Hassan Jameel, were no longer dating.

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THis was a shocking news to everyone because Rihanna was really private about this relationship, and fans thought that for a change, it could last.

While everyone was confused as to how Rihanna and Jameel could break-up so suddenly, the singer took up the paces of her life and moved on.

For several weeks now, rumors have continued to rotate around the internet about Rihanna and A$AP Rocky being the newest couple in town. However, none of them have come out to accept that they are romantically involved. But, that has not stopped them from fueling the rumors and notions that they are seeing each other.

A lovely photo of Rihanna on the cover of Vogue Magazine.
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Recently, Rihanna and Rocky were spotted having a nice dinner at an L.A spot, and there was nothing friendly about it. It did not take long for photos of them having a great time to spread across social media platforms and fans were taken aback.

Reports confirmed that the duo walked into the at different times, but that does not prove anything as fans have decided to stick with what they saw; which was Rihanna having a romantic dinner with the rapper.

Rihanna on stage doing what she does best as her back-up dancers lie on the floor waiting for her to take the lead.
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While fans are convinced that Rihanna is looking to be in another relationship soon, a source told Hollywood Life that fans are trying to turn a beautiful friendship into something else. The source also went on to say that since the singer is now single, people are eager to know who she will date next, thereby suggestions. Finally, the source revealed that there is nothing going on with Rihanna and Rocky, as the duo are very good friends and like to hang out with one another.

Rihanna looks stunning as she poses in a background covered with green leaves, wearing a green dress with a silver choker on her neck.
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This is not the first time Rihanna has been seen in public with someone else following a breakup, which led fans to think otherwise. The singer has been romantically involved with Chris Brown, as well as Drake. However, her three-year-long relationship with Hassan Jameel was completely out of the public's eye. At this time, the singer focused more on her beauty line and kept a low-profile.

The singer has launched several beauty products over the years and has made so much money from it. From the looks of it, she is nowhere near done.

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