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Kaley Cuoco with coffee

Kaley Cuoco Is A Whole Mood In 5.57 A.M. Coffee Video

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco was in no mood to deliver a smile on Tuesday morning, taking to her Instagram stories at the crack of dawn. The "Big Bang Theory" star is a known early riser – she's filmed herself downing coffee at 5.15 a.m. – with today's footage showing the 34-year-old getting her caffeine fix a tad later – but it was still early.

Kaley's video wasn't an official "A Cup Of Cuoco" one, but it definitely checked boxes for seeing the blonde with her trademark coffee cup.

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'Also It's Raining Outside, So There's That'

Kaley Cuoco looks sleepy with coffee
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

The video showed Kaley in selfie mode and looking beautiful despite being bleary-eyed. The actress was wrapped up in a cozy and fluffy-looking pink sweater, also rocking her blonde locks worn down. Kaley held a cup of coffee with a car transporting a Christmas tree on it, also adding neat filters forming pink halos around her head, plus raindrop ones.

It was all in the eyes, though. Kaley rolled them slightly amid an overall grumpy expression, opting out of any speech as she sipped her coffee.

"Also it's raining outside, so there's that," she wrote. A time-stamp on the story confirmed it to be 5.57 a.m.

When A Smile Makes All The Difference

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley's coffee videos definitely bounce around. A recent one showed the sitcom star looking glowing and beyond radiant –then again, it did come with a 10.21 a.m. time-stamp and what appeared to be the benefits of some serious beauty sleep.

"A Cup Of Cuoco" does, however, show Kaley in every possible circumstance. The star has shared her "instant coffee nightmare" in Italy – an electric kettle and powdered coffee sachets were not to Kaley's liking – plus they've shown the actress with husband Karl Cook. The most recent video of the couple's musings showed Kaley in disbelief over Karl using Dove soap to wash his hair.

What The Hell 'A Cup Of Cuoco' Even Is

Kaley Cuoco poses in a jacket
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

If you don't live inside Kaley's Instagram, you may not have watched her impromptu "A Cup Of Cuoco" series. The mostly home-set videos are fuss-free and unscripted, showing Kaley discussing whatever is on her mind – she typically covers how she slept, though, also feeling free to complain about tiny random things and managing to make them hilarious.

The star seemed unsure of what to name her series, but it looks like "A Cup Of Cuoco" has stuck. Also to be expected on the series is a nightshirt or bathrobe wardrobe and nothing in the way of cosmetics.

'Big Bang' Is Over, But 'The Flight Attendant' Is Coming

Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki in 'Big Bang'
Gettyimages | CBS Photo Archive

"The Big Bang Theory" is over. The reruns might keep Kaley's Penny character alive, but the star is set to return to screens in her new TV show, "The Flight Attendant."

The series will tell the story of Cassandra Bowden, who wakes up hungover in a Dubai hotel room and lying next to a dead body. Kaley is both starring in and producing the series, having just wrapped up filming with a stint in Rome, Italy.

The series' release date has not yet been announced.

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