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Jennifer Lopez Reveals Why She Gave A Nod To 'Hustlers' With Her Super Bowl Pole Dancing

Gettyimages | ANGELA WEISS
By Clark Sparky

Jennifer Lopez brought the house down with her halftime performance during Super Bowl 54 last Sunday. There were many aspects of the show that had viewers talking, but perhaps none mores than the pole dancing section of the act. It was a skill she learned for her latest film, Hustlers.

Lopez talked recently to both Entertainment Tonight and Jimmy Fallon about why she incorporated those moves into the show.

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"It was such a skill to learn, I just knew at this time it would be a fun thing for the audience," she said to Entertainment Tonight.

"That was my little nod to Hustlers," she shared to Fallon. "I was like, 'I learned some pole things, lemme see what I could do, we can put it in there. I just felt, again, like it was a very powerful move," she continued. "It was like, 'Look, Ma, no hands!'"

Lopez also told Fallon why she wanted to use the Empire State Building as a prop from which the pole came out.

"I wanted it to be like women were on top of the world; we’re on top of the world right now!" she said.

She also told him that she didn't actually get nervous before the performance.

"I’m good!" Lopez said. "That’s what happens, right before you go on, you start getting in the zone. That’s why I’m doing all of those crazy things, and my face is, like, dead face, because you have to stay so calm."

Gettyimages | Al Bello

"She has the performance gene," Lopez added, talking about her daughter joining her on stage during the performance.

"She doesn't let it in her mind how big it is or how it scares you, that's what you have to do when you're up there. You have to control. She has that gene, the gene of, 'I'm comfortable up here.' I think she gets amped, she gets excited, but a cute excited.

"I wish I felt more like her," she joked. "I wish I didn't realize all of the ramifications of thousands of things that could go wrong, which is what makes you nervous, but she has a good time with it and I would never make her do it if she felt uncomfortable in any way. She was excited to do it."

After the show, she talked to guests at a Super Bowl afterparty. "I was happy to stand up there with Shakira — two Latin women, two women, two working moms who did one of the best Super Bowls of all time," she said. "Whether they said it or not, that's how it felt to me."

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