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Demi Lovato.

Demi Lovato Spotted Out With Machine Gun Kelly

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Alyssa McCraw

Move over Austin Wilson!

News recently broke that Demi Lovato was seen leaving a Hollywood restaurant with 29-year-old rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Except, we're not exactly sure why this is just coming out, because apparently, it happened last Wednesday!

What has intrigued most people is that the pair did not leave said restaurant until around 2 AM. It's actually more than a restaurant, though - Soho House West Hollywood is an ultra-exclusive club that comes with a hefty price tag (not to mention a $625 application fee)!

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Demi Lovato.
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"They stayed all night and didn't leave until the early morning," one source told E! News. Additionally, they said that he "got the door for Demi as they walked to her waiting car."

Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Richard Colson Baker, was spotted following Lovato's SUV in his Aston Martin convertible. It's alleged that they were headed towards Lovato's condo, but no one knows for sure. Maybe they just live near each other? Let's not start too many rumors!

Machine Gun Kelly.
Gettyimages | John Sciulli

"When they left, they didn't say much of a goodbye because it looked like they were meeting up again," the source continued. "He followed her in his car close to her place and it seemed like the night would continue on from there."

Although he never mentioned Demi by name, he made a public stance that he is ready for these rumors to stop.

"Stop thinking I'm dating someone just because I'm in a picture with them," he said in a February 9th tweet.

Machine Gun Kelly.
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His date outing with Lovato came just days before a trip to India where he headlined the VH1 Supersonic Festival. Additionally, he's getting ready to release a new pop-punk album titled "Tickets to My Downfall." We also know our girl Demi has been busy, too.

The 27-year-old Texas native made her return to the stage at January 26th's GRAMMY Awards, her first public performance since an almost-fatal overdose in the summer of 2018. She debuted a new song titled "Anyone," which she revealed was written in the days leading up to the aforementioned drug incident.

Demi Lovato singing the National Anthem at Super Bowl LIV.
Gettyimages | Tom Pennington

Just seven days later, Demi was all smiles singing the National Anthem at Super Bowl LIV. The Lovatics went nuts when Demi dug up a 10-year-old tweet, dated February 7, 2010, where Demi dreamt of the occasion. "One day, I'm gonna sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl," she wrote. "Onnnee dayyy...."

The most recent person romantically linked to Demi was a model named Austin G. Wilson. Although they only had a brief relationship, their breakup still took their friends by surprise. A source close to the singer cited the reason for their breakup was due to Lovato's focus on both her career and her sobriety.

"[Demi]’s still working on herself and committed to that," they said at the time. "She’s sticking with what she has been doing and working on her music."

You do you, boo!

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