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Does Demi Lovato's Comeback Feature a New Romance?

Gettyimages | John Shearer
By Megan Prevost

We've been following Demi Lovato's comeback for the past few weeks now. She's taken to the Grammy's stage, the Super Bowl, and she's working on a new album. What isn't this girl capable of?

Back in 2018, Lovato suffered from an almost fatal overdose. She had struggled with drugs and eating disorders before that, but this was the worst, her own personal rock bottom.

From there, she took a break from music, uncertain if she was ever really going to return.

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Machine Gun Kelly?

Gettyimages | John Sciulli

Lucky for us, Lovato decided to return from her music break and grace us with a whole new decade of Lovato. From her absolutely stunning Grammy's performance where she sang "Anyone," a song she wrote right before her overdose, to the national anthem at the Super Bowl, this girl is starting off strong.

Just recently, Lovato was spotted out on a date with none other than Machine Gun Kelly. The two were rumored to have been spotted SoHo House in Hollywood, leaving in their own separate cars.

Not Over Yet

Giphy | Demi Lovato

While the two took separate cars, that wasn't the end of the night. They apparently spent many more hours together, and didn't end up leaving until early the next morning.

"They stayed all night and didn't leave until the early morning. Machine Gun Kelly got the door for Demi as they walked to her waiting car," a source told E! News.

"When they left, they didn't say much of a goodbye because it looked like they were meeting up again. He followed her in his car close to her place and it seemed like the night would continue on from there," the source continued.

Past Romance

Wikimedia |

Lovato is no stranger to romance rumors, as she's had a few good ones in the past.

Just last year, Lovato was flirting with Mike Johnson on Twitter. If you don't remember, Mike Johnson was one of the contestants on The Bachelorette. When he went home, he reached out to Lovato.

The two ended up going on a date, but things fizzled out and never got very far.

After her brief fling with Johnson, she also had a small romance with Austin G. Wilson, though that didn't last too long either.

Lovato and Machine Gun Kelly

Giphy | Interscope Records

It's very clear that Lovato knows what's she's gotten herself into. She's taken breaks and stopped music in the past when it's become too much for her to handle. However, this time she appears to be pacing herself as much as she can.

Some may say that she's taking on a lot, but two performances isn't a ton for someone who's used to touring. She's also participating in a laid back Quibi show called, "Pillow Talk" that we can't wait for.

Do you think her romance will last with Machine Gun Kelly? We kind of hope it does!

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