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Who Was Brad Pitt's Date At The Oscars?

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Mario Perez

Award's season is now fully in the books as The Oscar's closed the curtains on a year of wonderful movies. One of the recurring storylines of these events revolved around Brad Pitt and pretty much anything that he did throughout the shows.

From his encounters with ex Jennifer Aniston. All the way through to the time he wasn't even there. Yet, his speech read by Margot Robbie made Prince William and Kate Middleton blush at the BAFTA awards. His Oscar night raised more questions about his relationship status.

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Who Was Brad's Date?

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In one of his recent speeches, Pitt mentioned that "Anyone who I stand next to they think I am dating." In another one of his speeches, he joked about being single. Last night, he was spotted with a blonde woman as his date. A lot of folks assumed that this was Brad Pitt's mother. As he had previously alluded to taking her as his date to an award show.

His date was not his mother after all. She was actually, Cynthia Pett-Dante who has been Pitt's long time manager.

Through Jen and Angelina

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In doing research for this particular article it became apparent how long the working relationship between the two has been going on. As many articles over the years surfaced where Cynthia Pett-Dante was referenced. She was the source that broke pretty much all of the relevant information about Brad Pitt's love life over the years. Him breaking up with Jen, him being engaged to Angelina.

It is only fitting that she be the woman to accompany him on the night that he actually won his first Oscar for an acting performance.

Brad's Second Oscar

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In a lot of media outlets, this Oscar for Brad Pit is being mentioned as the 1st one of his career. That is not entirely true. This would actually be the second oscar in total for Brad Pitt. As he won an Oscar for being a producer on the Movie 12 Years a Slave. Where he also had a part in as an actor.

His Oscar for best male actor in a supporting role in Once Upon a Time In Hollywood is the first award that he collects, purely for his acting efforts.

A Shout Out To His Kids

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In the last few weeks, a lot of Brad's family life has also come to the forefront. There were rumors that he had to skip the BAFTA awards so that he could meet up with his son Maddox. Him giving his kids a shout out was certainly one of the cool moments of the night. Especially when information poured in about them not having the best relationship over the years.

Certainly, the Brad Pitt moments are going to be something that is going to be missed now that award's season is officially over!

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