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The Cast of Teen Mom

Did MTV Fire Amber Portwood?

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By A. Elise

When most teenagers become mothers, they certainly are not doing it in front of the camera. For MTV's Teen Mom cast, this is certainly not the case. Amber Portwood knows all too well the struggle of going through a teenage pregnancy in front of the cameras.

Amber Portwood is no longer a teenager, but the impact of raising a child while still growing up herself has led to some difficult moments. Portwood spent time in prison for domestic violence and drug use, and a more recent arrest could mean that MTV is ready to say goodbye to Portwood for good.

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The Early Controversies

Amber Portwood
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Of course, not everybody has been keeping up with the Teen Mom news, especially since the show's latest season hasn't started. You might need a brief recap about what has been happening in Amber's life.

You might remember Amber's one-time boyfriend, Gary Shirley, from her episode of 16 and Pregnant and later Teen Mom. Amber was shown on camera multiple times physically assaulting Gary. It even aired on an episode of Teen Mom. At 19 years old, Amber was investigated for domestic violence. She was charged with three counts.

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While on probation, Amber was arrested for drug possession in 2011. She was struggling to follow court orders, so she began a five-year prison sentence. With good behavior, Amber was released very early. Upon release from prison, Amber appeared in a new MTV special called Being Amber before ultimately returning to Teen Mom OG when it returned to air.

Amber also appeared on Dr. Phil to discuss the charges against her and the time she spent in prison. She also addresses violence and anger in her life.

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier
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Shortly after Amber was released from prison, she began a relationship with Matt Baier. The two moved in together, and Matt appeared on several seasons of Teen Mom. Things did not work out between the two, and soon Amber found a new love. Baier had claimed that Amber had done drugs throughout their relationship.

Amber began dating Andrew Glennon shortly after her relationship with Baier ended. Together, the couple had a son named James. Unfortunately, things soon took a turn for the worse.

Things Escalate

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon
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In recent years, it seemed like Amber had calmed down. No public news about drugs, violence, or fighting were in the news. On July 4, 2019, this changed.

Amber and Andrew got into a fight on Independence Day. During the fight, Andrew claims that Amber hit him while he was holding James. She threatened to commit suicide, and Andrew took the baby into another room. She then tried to break into the room with a machete. She was arrested that night, and a custody dispute regarding baby James is ongoing.

A Future?


At this time, it is not clear that Amber Portwood will ever appear on Teen Mom again. She has since appeared on the show after the incident, but she is mysteriously absent from the trailer for the upcoming season of the show. While other Teen Mom stars discuss Amber's actions briefly, she does not seem to have been filmed. Does this mean that Amber has been fired?

At this time, Amber has not commented on her return to the show, and MTV has kept quiet about any upcoming news.

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