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Janelle Monae's Awkward Run In With Leonardo DiCaprio

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By kenadijiba

Janelle Monae opening up The Oscars was the gift that just kept on giving. Her unapologetic R&B style and crisp play on words had everyone energized. As she started the show off it was only a plus to see Billy Porter pop up in all his glory next to a striking piano singing his soul out. The opener looked to be a bid to Mr. Rogers iconic hymn, and Janelle Monae uniquely made it her own. Her dynamic expressions throughout the entirety of the performance had social media dancing for days.

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Incredible Entrance

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Some gems that were dropped so nonchalantly during the performance was that Janelle was a proud black woman, who was queer. The rumor on the block was already that she was queer, but the fact she is so private about her personal life made the revelation that much more sweet. Her lack of inhibitions was resounding for viewers, but some celebrities looked a bit stiff. There wasn't really any dancing juice in the can and when she came up to them to sing, the exchanges were a bit awkward.

Subtle Shade

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An example of this that might have potential in becoming a meme is when Janelle went up to Tom Hanks and his wife. Surprisingly though this moment between them as Janelle put her hat on Tom’s head was not too cringy. In fact, nothing compared to when she approached Leonardo Dicaprio to sing along to a part of the song and he looked so arrested in his posture that he didn't really get anything out. Now, do actors listen to music? By the looks of it they don't even understand the concept of it. Maybe what the academy should do next year is give voice lessons.

Actors Looking Uncomfortable

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In the costume outfits a lot of people noticed that there were special nods to certain films that were not nominated. Like “Midsommar” which in the past was not even in the mentioning of any Oscar buzz. Florence Pugh was notably heart warmed by the nod and viewers found that to be a great display of support. A Lot of people wondered if the academy made this nomination lists why are they doing damage control? Why not stick by what you did and just move forward.

A Great Performance

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Besides those little disturbances Janelle Monae's performance was hailed as one of the best of the night. Chris Rock even acknowledged it as he made a return to the stage with legendary comedian Steve Martin. Their duo was another highlight of the otherwise boring show. As for next year people are already throwing in their picks for future hosts. The lack of a strong presence to pull the show together is wearing on the audience, and it seems about time to return to those specific traditional roots that the academy has abandoned.

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