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Joaquin Phoenix Get's Emotional During OScars Speech

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By kenadijiba

Last night for many the obvious winner for best actor was Joaquin Phoenix. His portrayal as “The Joker '' was riveting and had people calling the film a future masterpiece. With everything Phoenix does there is an element of authenticity and a pinch of fear. His clear dislike for such public events while in attendance is why so many find such a strong relatability to this acting legend. His humility, especially during his Oscar speech, left everyone on the edge of their seats because of how superficial the Oscars usually is.

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A Sure Win

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When Joaquin's name began to be called for the pristine award of best actor, every star in the room had enough respect to give him a standing ovation. Joaquin being the sweet soul he is found the act to be egocentric and actually spoke against that in his speech. Once he was finally on the stage his anxiety was nothing short of palpable. From start to finish he did not waste any precious time. His talking points were so concise as if he was a college student with a deep desire to get his point across.

Main Points

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The main issue Phoenix wanted to stress is the need to jump back into reality. How everyone is valued and he is no better than his fellow actors who did not win the golden statue. He went on to explain things like “speciesism ” which has never had a place at the Oscars. His explanation of how humans are no better than anything else on this planet really brought life into perspective. His mention of veganism in almost every major speech received a boatload of support from animal rights groups.

Love And Admiration

Giphy | BRIT Awards

His profuse expressions of appreciation to people for their ability to forgive and accept him once again after making past mistakes, had Phoenix visually on the cusp of being emotional. He lowkey called out “cancel culture” and explained how we should all collectively lift people up when they make mistakes, not shut them out. To show why we as people should do this he used himself as a prime example. Clearly winning the Oscar did signify something very personal to him.

River Phoenix

Gettyimages | George Rose

A beautiful reason as to why fans suspected the Oscar was such a symbolic win for Phoenix is because of his brother River. Back in the day River Phoenix was who Hollywood had it's eye on. His charisma and intelligence was only one of many major aspects that made River such an icon in the running. His short lived career was the blueprint for many beloved artists that are well known today for their similar personas. Towards the end of Jaoquin’s speech he mentioned a gorgeous lyric written by River and there wasn't one dry eye in the room. By Joaquin taking home the statue he has forever memoramilzed River’s and his legacies.

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