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Eminem on stage spitting fire raps and he looks amazing.

Where Is Eminem Now And How Big Is His Money Bag In 2020?

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By Favour

At the Oscars recently, tabloids could not stop differentiating between the best looking outfits, but they may have skipped an epic moment at the event. The brave and talented rapper popularly known as Eminem wowed the audience when he gave an amazing performance at the Oscars.

The rapper is no doubt full of surprises, but nowhere did anyone see that performance coming and fans have been showing him the love of social media ever since.

Now that Eminem has surprised his fans, they all want to know what he has been up to in the past few years.

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In 2003, Eminem emerged as the winner of an Oscar Award for a song titled "Lose Yourself," however, the rapper was not around to get his victory.

At the present Oscars, while the category for Best Original Song was announced, the rapper stormed on stage to sing the same song and the audience was blown away. Not only that, clips from the performance proved to fans that Eminem was nowhere near don with the music and rap industry. If anything, the rapper is about to make a historic comeback.

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According to reports, the Oscars producers wanted to show the the world that music can and will always impact the world for years to come. Therefore, they called on one of the legends in the music industry to perform one of his hit tracks.

Speaking to People, the spokesperson for the Oscars, Lynette Howell Taylor mentioned that they have been keeping Eminem's appearance a secret for a long time, and she was glad that everyone was caught unawares.

"It was nice that we surprised people, we don't usually get to surprise anybody in this day and age." she said.

An intense and beautiful photo of Eminem on stage holding a microphone.
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Eminem was also in awe of the recognition that he posted on his Instagram page, thanking the academy for giving him a chance.

Eminem has been a force of nature in the music industry for years and he is considered one of the greatest in the field. The singer kicked off his amazing career in 1988 when he joined a band known as "New Jacks." From 1996-7, the singer had already released an outstanding EP and fans were getting used to hearing his amazing raps.

Eminem is caught on camera walking through a crowd in a black jacket with grey pant to match.
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In the early 2000s. Eminem gained prominence and a lot of people could not wait to hear his songs. He also dabbled into the movie industry with a breakout role in a film titled "8 Mile."

Presently, Eminem has been leading a solo-career, and in 2019, he announced that he was going on his "Rapture Tour."

In all his years of singing, Eminem has attained success and wealth that he can decide to live his best life and not be apologetic about it. Presently, Eminem has an estimated net worth of $210 million.

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