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Gabbie Hanna

The Feud Between Gabbie Hanna and Trisha Paytas Just Got More Intense

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By A. Elise

If you've been paying any attention to the YouTube community in the last few months, you may have noticed that Gabbie Hanna has been feuding with several fellow creators. Not only has Gabbie been shaded by Jessi Smiles, but she's also been on the bad side of Trisha Paytas recently.

There is no end to the drama that happens on the video platform. Recently, the feud between these two YouTubers escalated on a deep level, and the recent drama involves photos of a murder victim.

It Started With a Single Video

Gabbie Hanna
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Bad blood between Trisha and Gabbie has been ongoing, but things escalated recently after Gabbie posted a video on January 23 about turning herself into a TikTok e-girl. The video was controversial for a good reason: one photo Gabbie used was a prominent figure in the e-girl realm who had been murdered.

YouTube viewers began to leave comments telling Gabbie they were "done with her." They told her the video was insensitive, but Gabbie did not respond to criticism, nor did she remove the video.

Most recently, Gabbie has blurred the face of the victim, but her likeness and information are still in the video. Her name is still in the video.

Gabbie Hanna
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So, what exactly happened? Gabbie, who has six million subscribers on YouTube, decided to make a video about changing her style to look like a "TikTok E-Girl." As part of filming the video, Gabbie searched for e-girls on the web. One of the people who appear on screen is a former TikTok user who was murdered. Not only does her photo appear on screen, but it appears alongside an article describing her gruesome death. Neither Gabbie nor her friend acknowledge the fact that they are reading an article about somebody who has passed away.

Instead, Gabbie uses the photo to create a look that was directly inspired by the victim's look.

Trisha Paytas
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Trisha Paytas responded to Gabbie's video. In her confessional, Trisha said that Gabbie should have at least acknowledged that she had made a mistake by including the victim's information in the video.

In her video, Trisha discusses the ways in which YouTubers avoid reality by ignoring the controversy they are a part of. She shades Gabbie in the process without using her name--though it was clear exactly who she was talking about. In the video she says, "There was a situation recently of someone using an article of a dead girl and they just don't address it."

Jessi Smiles
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This is not the first time Trisha has spoken out about Gabbie. In November 2019, Trisha posted a Youtube video titled "Why I Don't Trust Gabbie Hanna." She was open about the distrust she feels, especially in regards to lies Gabbie had told to Trisha's boyfriend at the time.

Gabbie has also been called out by Jessi Smiles, a YouTuber and former Vine star who called out former friend Gabbie for supporting the man who sexually assaulted her.

Gabbie has not publicly responded to Trisha's call-out.

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