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'The View' Reacts To Oscars 2020: 'It Went Host-Less, It Went Black-Less, It Went Hispanic-Less'

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By Michael Coe

The View hosts Joy Behar, Ana Navarro, Tyra Banks, and Sunny Hostin held a panel this morning to discuss their thoughts on last night's Oscars ceremony. Although they felt that many of the ceremony's performances were admirable and were happy for several of the winners, they heavily criticized the 2020 Oscars for a perceived lack of diversity and an overly drawn-out and chaotic format. Behar joked that some of the acceptance speeches for acting had felt "longer than The Irishman".

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The discussion began with Behar summarizing her thoughts on the ceremonies and noting the high volume of surprise appearances. She claimed, "people came out of nowhere, they just appeared! Eminem appeared and wandered onto the stage, Chrissy Metz — all of a sudden you see her there." Behar then criticized the overly-long acceptance speeches given by Renee Zellweger and Joaquin Phoenix and remarked that she missed the presence of a host. She stated that she was happy to see Chris Rock and Steve Martin open the ceremonies but was disappointed that they did not host the entire show.

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Sunny Hostin then weighed in by agreeing with Behar that the lack of a host was disappointing. She stated, "I missed having a host as well. I like the transition of having a host, I like the opening monologue, you know? I don't know, I think it flows better, although I did love the Eminem performance." The other hosts agreed with Hostin that Eminem had been a highlight of the show, and joked that, "it was like the BET the crowd" during his performance.

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The View hosts then dished out some harsh criticism on the lack of diversity amongst the nominees. Ana Navarro said of the ceremony, "it went host-less, and it went Black-less, and it went Hispanic-less". She noted that the lack of diversity seemed to be an issue on many of the attendee's minds, and stated "a lot of the people that did speak did bring it up," in reference to comments made during many of the acceptance speeches and presentation speeches throughout the night.

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The hosts concluded their discussion by expressing admiration for certain aspects of the show. They agreed that the musical performance by Cynthia Erivo had "brought the house down" and they expressed appreciation for the speech given by Joaquin Phoenix and its inclusion of themes like forgiveness. The hosts also voiced admiration for many of the films and actors who had been nominated. Behar said of Best Picture winner Parasite, "don't miss this film, it's really good", and Hostin called Brad Pitt "masterful" in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

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