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The Weirdest Moments At The Oscars

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By Stephanie Elmir

This was one of the more controversial Oscars awards show, audiences having many qualms with the nominees and lack of diversity. There must've been something in the air last night because things kept getting weirder.

The fact that there was no host gave it an eerie feeling already, the program running aimlessly. On the other hand, there were some great winners, including Parasite's four awards.

However, with celebration, along came the strange choices of entertainment and reactions of the crowd. The Oscars 2020...was something.

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Opening Song

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Janelle Monae is an incredible performer, artist, everything, but her opening number was pretty awkward. The set design, costume, and choreography seemed put together last minute. Moreover, it gave tribute to "Midsommar" and "A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood" although both films were snubbed.

Dressed in "Midsommar" style flowers, Monae tried to get audience participation going, but the crowd was dead. Not even a duet with the incredible Billy Porter could make it better. It's not on them that the audience of stars were ready to fall asleep.

Billie Eilish

Giphy | The Academy Awards

People think Billie Eilish was throwing shade at Maya Rudolph and Kristin Wiig's hilarious banter before presenting the award for best production design. However, the only weird thing about Eilish's expression was that Twitter immediately interpreted that as her being rude and not getting their humor.

Truth is, Eilish has turrets syndrome, which causes her to make strange facial expressions at random moments. Eilish was not necessarily at odds with the comedians, but the camera person who caught that look took advantage of the money shot.


Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

We know that "Lose Yourself" was an Oscar-winning song from 2003's "8 Mile" but it was pretty random that Eminem would perform that song at the 2020 Oscars. As opposed to Janelle Monae's performance, this one seemed more prepared in stage design, although he was simple and did not have dancers.

The crowd was split between people looking confused as to why Eminem was there, appearing sleepy, or genuinely enjoying the song and singing along. Either way, there was still an element of awkwardness to it.

Lowest Ratings


This was an Oscars all-time low for ratings with only 23.6 million people tuning in to watch the program. There's no doubt that the lack of diversity has inspired audiences to give up on the racist, sexist, and biased institution until the voters realize they need to watch all their screeners.

Moreover, why would anyone watch when there's no host, no common theme, weirdly put together musical numbers that make fantastic artists look bad, and they rely on gimmicks to survive on primetime television?

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