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Joaquin Phoenix

A Glimpse at Joaquin Phoenix's Memorable Oscars Speech

Gettyimages | Steve Granitz
By Alan Blake

Joaquin Phoenix won the Academy Awards for the best actor, following his role Arthur Fleck in the movie ‘Joker.’ It was the first time for the star to take home an Oscar Award, having been nominated a couple of times in the past. Phoenix got nominated in 2001 for ‘Gladiator,’ in 2006 for ‘Walk the Line,’ and in 2013 for ‘The Master.’

The star, who had earlier suggested a confrontation on systemic racism, took the opportunity in his acceptance speech to address the issues in the film industry.

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Phoenix Reiterates his BAFTA Speech at the 2020 Oscars

Joaquin Phoenix
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The 2020 Oscars was not the first time the actor was making an acceptance speech, and he seemingly despises injustices, especially racism. During the BAFTAs, Phoenix said that the industry was sending a message to the people of color, telling them they are not welcome to the industry.

His remarks followed an out a roar that the 2020 BAFTA was not fair since there was no single nominee from the ‘people of color.’ His speech at the Oscars still emphasized fighting injustices, citing racism among others.

Joaquin Phoenix Expresses Societal Concern


Joaquin Phoenix was at the liberty of using his acceptance speeches over the season to address personal interests, although this would have made them fall under the radar. He has maintained a sociopolitical stand, calling out people to lead a collective life.

He ended his speech with a quote from his late brother’s lyrics, saying that when one runs to the rescue with love, peace will always follow. He noted that he had personally not been the best in his life, but was thankful that people gave him a second chance.

Joaquin Gives Solution to Personal Change

Joaquin Phoenix
Gettyimages | Rich Fury

Phoenix, in his opinion, said that people were afraid of embracing personal change, owing to the belief that they have to give up something. However, he noted that humans are quite creative and inventive, and could find a way out.

Joaquin went ahead to suggest that by using love and compassion as the guiding principles towards change, it was possible to create and implement beneficial change systems. He added that the change systems could not only benefit humans but also the environment, for which he had expressed concern in his Golden Globe speech.

Joaquin Calls on His Audience to be Supportive

Joaquin Phoenix at the Oscars
Gettyimages | FREDERIC J. BROWN

As a superstar in the film industry, Phoenix was not asking his audience for support in the career. His speech centered on social life, asking the audience to support each other rather than cancel out for mistakes of the past.

He opined that the best of humanity is realized when people help one another to grow, educate each other, and render guidance towards redemption. The now frequent award winner is diverting from typical acceptance speeches and moving attention from him and towards others throughout the season.

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